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At times, even so, many years after marriage, one remains devoid of child happiness that creates problem and disturbance in marriage which even can take to divorce.

Astrologically, if we look, there can be numerous combinations in the chart , that might be acting as a hindrance in getting progeny news which might be Bhakoot or Nadi dosa or 5th house or Jupiter might be in bad shape or afflicted.

Further, placement and aspects of planets had to be looked in couple charts to analyzed things minutely.

After assessment of planets, the conclusion can be reached whether progeny would be possible or not or when it might be possible.

At last, remedies can be prescribed such that chances can be strengthened for child happiness.

You can order progeny report in which couple birth details are required. In this report, concerned houses and planets, Bhakoot, Nadi dosa and other things will be analyzed and results will be given. Remedies will be given as well such that chances of progeny can be increased.

1 review for Progeny Astrology Report

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Maria James

    Thanks to Astrology Gains Team. They predicted very accurately. Finally got baby child.

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