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Astroguru Anubhav Gupta

Astroguru Anubhav | Anubhav Gupta

Astroguru Anubhav is Vedic astrologer practising Vedic astrology for quite a few years now. Right from his childhood, He had interest in the field of Spirituality, Astrology and had quest to learn this ancient science to benefit human mankind.

Astroguru Anubhav had learnt Vedic astrology from reputed institute and time to time do attend seminars in relation to Vedic astrology because knowledge can increased, when we spread and share it through face to face or through online medium.

Astroguru Anubhav try to analyze Vedic charts minutely and try to figure out why problems are coming and then gives very simple remedies that are easier to follow. Astrology remedies will depend upon the condition of birth chart and after studying birth chart, remedies can be prescribed in the form of Gemstones, Astrology pooja, Mantra recitation or donation.

Various clients all across the globe had taken consultation from Astroguru Anubhav and are satisfied because Astroguru Anubhav does not believe in selling false promises to client. What is seen in birth chart is predicted to client whether results are totally positive or negative such that remedies can be followed and problems can be lessen to some extent.

At times , we do wear gemstones and get astrology pooja done but still results do not come on right note which might be possible that gemstones are not energized or correct gemstone is not worn and Pooja is not done after following proper Vedic ritual.

With that thing to kept in mind, Astroguru Anubhav who is the founder of had started to give genuine astrology products in the form of Gemstones, Yantras, Rudraksha and have proper team of Vedic priests such that proper pooja can be done for clients and good results can come to clients.

Further, another reason that remedies do not give good results is due to the fact that we might be hurting persons emotionally or financially and thus results will not come on proper note.

For example , if you are getting Mars Pooja but if you are hurting your brother then Mars will not able to give results even if you get 1,25,000 beej mantra pooja . Reason is simple, that you are hurting karak of Mars and thus how Mars can give you good results with that mentality.

Overall, there is need to alter our life style and then remedies done with proper ritual will work and patience and dedication will also be the key to get good results from astrology remedies.

With this approach, Astroguru Anubhav had made such that people in distress can get answers to queries and proper astrology remedies can be prescribed to make life much better.

It is the same process as Doctor get medical tests done and then recommends medications and in the same way birth chart will be studied and then astrology remedies will be prescribed to have a good effect.

You can consult for following areas and discuss problems with Astroguru Anubhav and that are:-

Career-related problems

Finance related problems

Property related problems

Debts related problems

Litigation related problems

Marital related problems

Education-related problems

Health-related problems

Child-related problems


Online Pooja



Foreign Journeys

By taking astrology consultation with Guruji, you can get answers to your problems that you might be facing and by following above advice, remedies can give you relief from your problems.

You can get in touch with Astroguru Anubhav through our website and try to get answers to your questions that might be giving stress and problems in your life.

~Anubhav Gupta


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  • Mar 13, 2019 3:39 AM

    Im an account exe, and i dont get salary on time. though i have gajkesar your as many astrologer says that i will have raining money in future. but i've crossed 50 of my age. Please Help

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