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Career Prediction by Date of Birth Indian Astrology

Career Astrology By Date Of Birth Free | Career Horoscope By Date Of Birth | Free Career Prediction By Date Of Birth

Career is an integral part of our life. If our career is not stronger, then we had to face financial hardships as financial life is directly linked to our professional life. At times, we get promotion on time but at times, even by our constant efforts, we do not get good results or in a worst case, we do lose our job too.

From career astrology point of view, there can be many factors that give guidance in regards to our career namely:-

Ascendant lord is the main consideration while judging any sphere of life. Stronger ascendant lord will give us better results whereas weaker ascendant will bring problems in each and every sphere of our life.

6th house is the house of our workplace where we work. If the condition of the 6th house is stronger then, we will able to have better coordination with our co-workers and will able to perform much better.

9th house is the house of luck. If 9th house is stronger, then we will get luck support else opportunities will be missed.

The 10th house is the house in relation to professional life. If 10th house is stronger than one will rise higher in professional life else problems will become in a career.

Further, a condition of Saturn which is Karak of profession matters had to be looked as well.

Analysis of D10 chart which is used to test professional life had to be looked as well. The stronger D10 chart will help us to rise in professional life whereas weaker D10 chart will lead to problems in professional life.

Based on the condition of the 10th house and concerned planets, career sectors that are good for native can be given such that one can go higher in professional life.

In career astrology, based on the condition of planets, whether business or job will suit can be predicted.

At times, we are confused about whether to go in for business or job and career astrology can give guiding clues regarding whether business or job will suit most.

Through career astrology, we will able to tell that when it is the right time to change job.

With the help of career astrology, we can tell when chances of promotion will be there.

With the help of career astrology, we can give a time frame that when there are chances of getting a job.

Horoscope By Date Of Birth | Astrology By Date Of Birth | Career Prediction By Date Of Birth Indian Astrology

At times, various obstructions do come in our career which might be due to the bad condition of the 10th house, D10 chart and in that case, various advice and astrology remedies will be handy to reduce problems in our professional life.

Astrology remedies might be in the form of Mantra recitation, gemstones, online puja which will increase positivity and reduce obstructions in our life.

In career astrology, at times astrologers just give importance to birth chart and do not look D10 chart which is wrong. There is need to give due importance and study divisional chart else results might not be correct.

By get to know which career sectors will be promising will helps us to create layout plan before such that we can go higher in professional life, however, there is need to understand the fact that if possible is not there in birth chart to go higher in professional life then results will not come but through astrology remedies and by putting sincere efforts, we can reduce our sufferings in professional life .

Overall, by reading a birth chart and applying proper Vedic principles, future can be unfolded and we can progress better in professional life.

If you have any concerns in relation to professional life, you can take career astrology report in which you can ask career queries and answers will be provided by our Vedic astrologers for your betterment.

Further, apart from your queries, astrology remedies in form of mantra recitation, gemstone recommendation, and online puja will also be prescribed in a report such that obstructions can be reduced in professional life.

-by brij pandey

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