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Durga Prashnavali

Durga prashnavali

In our problematic times, we often become helpless and do not know what to do in crunch situations . At that time , we often take the help of God to solve our problems such that we can get solutions to our problems.

One such remedy from where we can get blessings of Mother Durga is Durga prashnavali. Prashnavali means questions and answers to that question. Answers to our problems that comes in form of Mother Durga prashnavali yantra.

Mother Durga prashnavali yantra consists of 1-15 numbers and this 1-15 numbers will give clue to your answers.

Before using Durga prashnavali yantra , devotee should meditate and then recite following mantra “Om Aiem Hreem Kleem Chamundaye Vicchaye” 5 times.

Now recite this mantra “Ya Devi Sarvbhuteshu Matrarupen Samsintha Namastasaye Namastasaye Namastasaye Namo Namah”

Now , close your eyes and then request Mother Durga to give answer to your question. While keeping your eyes closed , move cursor on Durga Prashnavali yantra and stop after asking your question and praying for Mother Durga to give answer . Open your eyes and see where cursor had been stop on which number and look answers written below for corresponding numbers.

Financial gains will be there in coming time. People will praise you for your hard work and efforts that had been put up by you. This will be the time to get rewards and reap your dues.

No, coming time do not look promising for you. Do not have higher expectations .It will be better to accumulate your assets and try to keep them safer. Coming time might see losing your income and savings over un-necessary expenses.

You are about to meet someone from past who will guide you for better future. You will be feeling peace and content but do not act in haste and enjoy beauty of each moment.

Your health matters might pose challenges for you and thus there will be need to remain cautious . There is need to delay and postpone your plans for some time. Time is not right to start new venture.

You will get success in your plans but there is need to have patience and faith . Take blessings and guidance from elders which will be a guiding force to take you out from storm.

There is need to abandon your decision as this decision is not good for you . Do not go ahead . Conflicts can arise, if things are being forced from your end. You may regret your decision, if you go ahead with this decision.

Your good time had started which will give you good news soon. You can expect addition in your family. Auspicious work that was being delayed till now will go ahead smoothly.

Do not go with your thought . Do not take this path as death or serious injuries can be there.

Overall on a positive note , your hard work is praised by your seniors and society finally. You will get name and fame. This Plan definitely will work wonders for you.

There is need to go ahead and success will come to you. Results will be quite promising as expected.

There is need to give up your idea as it will not bring positive results. Losses might be there .

Your prayers will give you answers in shorter period of time. Good news will come through your children.

It is advised to start worshipping Lord Shani for all your problems. Lord Shani will alleviate bad energies from your life for your betterment.

There is need to go ahead and take risk without any mental worries. Money, financial condition and property matters will improve as your good time had started.

Your family life is getting affected due to financial problems. There is need to wait for 1 month and have patience and things will get turnaround for you.

Precautions while using jyotish Prashnavali:

There should be faith and devotion before using online prashnavali.

There is need to meditate and recite above mantras for better results.

Do not use prashnavali in playful mode and for testing purpose  

Results will come better when there is faith , devotion and seriousness in asking question.

Use astrology prashnavali only once in day or only when serious thought is haunting your mind.

Jai Mother Durga