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Face Reading Astrology

Face Reading

Your face tells your fate .people have tried to understand aspects of a persons' character just by looking at their face. The ancient Chinese believed that your face and was a reflection of your inner spirit. It may be worth putting it in a similar bracket to things like astrology and palm reading.

How to read faces

Each and every aspect of your face tells a different story about your fate and personality. Don’t just look at your facial features, but notice their size (thin eyebrows, small eyes ) and type ( sloped forehead, square face ) as well as any lines or wrinkles that are present. These features tell a story.

Your face tells about your parents

The positions where the hair starts at the top of the forehead represents parents and the personal relationship with them. If this area is smooth and shining, the person parent is fortunate in matters of health and career and the person childhood is filled with happiness. If this area is indented or with dull skin colour then the person's parent face troubles during his childhood.

Your face tells about your career and success

We have this area below the parent's region and above the eyebrows. If this position is good, gently rounded and bright, it represents good career of a person prospects and early settlement in the career. If this area is indented and hollow and dark in colour, it shows that the person is intelligence will not help in his career and misfortune in his 21st to 25th years.

your face tells about your life

Life region lies between the eyebrows, if it is firm, bright, gently rounded then it symbolizes a successful career after the 27th year of age. It represents a friendly person with a positive attitude towards life. If the space between the eyebrows is wide and eyebrows are thick then the persons earn good money and his longevity is also good. If the eyebrows are closer and there is a hairline connecting the two eyebrows, it is a sign of negative mind who is obstinate and unforgiving.

Your face tells about your life partner

Love and an emotional region is the area below the two eyes. If this area is bright, bulgy and rounded, the person will have deep emotional involvement. He or she will fall in love easily and wholeheartedly, if this area is wrinkles or low and not smooth, then the person faces failures in love affairs due to selfishness or indulgence.

What's your facial shape?

There is various shape type.

~Richa Yadav


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