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Face Reading

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Man is the most developed, powerful and energetic resource of the world.

Face reading is based on modern principles of anthropology, phrenology, anatomy, physiology, psychology, morphology and genetics.

The human form which exists today on the earth is the consequence of the evolutionary process.

There is a saying that 'A face never lies'. 'A face is the mirror of the mind'.

Whatever we think can be seen on our face easily. Morphology believes that the nature of the person is not determined on the basis of face or shape of the body, but ones nature determines the shape of a person's face.

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We get two types of thoughts, permanent and temporary.

Temporary thoughts are transient, but it has instant effect on the face. Due to which our expression (eyebrows, eyes, lips, Aura, shape, colour.) appears changed instantly. Therefore emotions like happiness, anger, sorrow, excitement can be seen easily on our face.

Permanent thoughts change the shape of face for e.g. If a person is suffering from worries, sadness, the muscles of his face are in different position. Like the eyebrows of a shot tempered person get wavy. Facial muscles function as per the state of mind and thoughts of brain. Face reading helps to know the characteristics and behavior of a person. It helps you in understanding a person to the core.

- by Mamta Kukreja

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