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Free Gemstone Recommendation

Free Gemstone Recommendation | Gemstone Recommendation | Birthstone Gems | Birthstone Gemstones

Gemstones are minerals that are worn such that improvement in life can come. Wearing right gemstones can bring in positivity in health, career, luck and finances matters but choosing right gemstone is not a child play a lot of considerations had to be looked before prescribing free gemstone online.

Generally, we can get gemstones from jewelers too but most of the times, getting right gemstone recommendation from jewelers is not easy as that this is not there prime job. Getting right and free gemstone recommendation will require reading minute detail of birth chart by eminent astrologer such that correct gemstone can be prescribed to the native.

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There are a lot of factors that had to be judged before prescribing free gemstone recommendation and that are:-

We had to assess Lagna in the respective birth chart.

We had to look out functional benefic planet in the respective birth chart.

We had to look divisional charts.

We had to look the corresponding dasa-antardasa.

We had to look planet rules which house in the birth chart.

We had to look whether that planet for which gemstone had to be worn is friendly to lagna lord or not.

After assessing this conditions, then a free gemstone recommendation can be prescribed.

Further still after prescribing free gemstone online, the process does not end here and then still this factors had to be looked as well after prescribing free gemstone online and that is:

In which finger gemstone had to be worn?

In which metal gemstone had to be worn?

What will be the ideal weight of the gemstone?

What will be the day and time to wear a gemstone?

Which mantra had to be recited before wearing a gemstone?

What precautions had to be taken while wearing a gemstone?

This is the questions that had to be answered before wearing a gemstone to get benefit in life.

Further, the kind of results gemstone can give will again depend upon the functional nature of that gemstone.

What are the reasons that gemstones do not give good results?

As far as gemstone results are concerned, good results will not come if:

The wrong gemstone is worn.

A gemstone is not energized.

Gemstone does not have clarity or are fake.

A gemstone is not worn incorrect finger, metal or inappropriate time.

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Further , karmic theory might also be the reason that gemstone is not giving good results . In simpler terms , karmic theory means “what ever had been sown had to be cut” means till the time bad results for our bad karma are not finished , good results cannot come . We had to alter our life style and had to do good deeds . Further , with the help of mantra , yagya , donation , our life can become good and then with the help of gemstones , we can reduce our sufferings.

Further , if wrong gemstone had been worn , then instead of good results , bad results will come and that is why there is need to wear correct gemstone as according to our birth chart.

At times, astrologers tell to wear gemstone of your moon sign lord without looking whether that planet is functional benefic or malefic planet in chart. If that planet is a functional malefic planet for your ascendant and is working negatively in a chart , then wearing that planet gemstone will bring bad results for you and that is why all that is not plain and simple in astrology as it seems to be.

At, we are having various experts that will prescribe correct gemstone to you by looking out important parameters in your chart which is paid service as you can see that so many things had to be looked before prescribing gemstones.  In that report, which gemstones to wear, correct finger, correct metal, the correct wearing procedure will be told.

However, as far as free gemstone recommendation is concerned, you can send us your dob, tob and pob and we will prescribe free gemstone online that will suit you. In this free gemstone recommendation, only free gemstone online that is suitable for you will be told and rest of the things regarding your queries and wearing procedure will be paid one.

With the help of our free gemstone recommendation, you can get to know as which free gemstone online will suits you most, which can give benefit to you in your life.

Through our free gemstone online, you will make your life better by altering your lifestyle and by doing good deeds.

-by Brij Pandey

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