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Graha Dasha By Date Of Birth

Graha Dasha By Date Of Birth

At the time of birth of the native, the constellation occupied by the moon determines which planet will rule at that time. The fraction of the constellation balance at that time determines the “balance of dasha” that is the time period for which the planet will rule after birth. After the ending of the ruling period of that planet, other planets rule one by one in the cyclic order. 

How to Calculate

In the model horoscope in the previous issue, we have date of birth 15-01-1970, time 4:30 A.M and place of birth Delhi, on this date and time moon’s degree in aries 90 36’,that is, it is in ashwini nakshatra. Ashwini starts at 00 aries and extend upto 130 20’ of aries. This way moon has crossed 90 36’of aries and has 130 20’-90 36’=30 44’ still to go. Ashwini is represented by ketu having a period of 7 years. Hence the native was born when ketu was ruling and it had a balance of dasha.

30 44’*7years=1.96 years

130 20’ =1 year 16 months 16 days.

Adding this period to date of birth, we get, (15-1-1970)+(16-11-1)=(1-1-1972)

I.e.,the native experienced influence of ketu of 1 year 16 months and 16 days from birth till 1 Jan. 1972. The influence of venus for 20 years upto 1-1-1972 , followed by sun for 6 years upto 1-1-1998, then by moon for 10 years 1-1-2008 and so on.

The period of 1 year 16 months and 16 days is called the balance of 7years of ketu 20 years of venus etc. Are called dasha period.

Balance of dasha 1 year16 months and 16 days.

No one will be satisfied if we tell him how he will go through his next 10 or 20 years in nut shell. He would want to know the effects of events in details. So the above dashas further divided into sub periods or antar dashas. During the planet dashas, antar dasha start from planet itself , followed by the same sequence . The period is also subdivided into the same fraction . In brief sun for 6 years. Sun will have its own sub period first for 6*6/120=36/120years=(36*12)/120=3 months 18 days.

After this will come the moon’s sub-period. Moon represents 10 years out of a total span of 120 years of vimshottari dasha . So it will rule for 1/12th part of the total period of 6 years of sun.

Thus moon will have sub period of 6*10/120=1/2=6 months.

This calculation represents the graha dasha by date of birth in astrology.

~Richa Yadav


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