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Health Prediction by Date of Birth

Health Prediction By Date Of Birth | Health Predictions Based On Date Of Birth | Free Health Predictions By Date Of Birth | Astrology Health Predictions

Health is an integral part of our life and without good health, happiness cannot be enjoyed. At times, our health remains good but at times, our health does go down which puts pressures on us in terms of finances and in terms of family happiness too.

In health astrology, there might be many factors that might put pressures on health namely:-

Ascendant lord is weaker in chart. If ascendant lord is weaker, then problems or obstructions will come in each and every sphere of life.

6th house is the house in relation to a general state of health. If 6th house is weaker, then problems in relation to health will come.

Condition of 2nd and 7th house lord had to be looked as well as this houses are marak houses . If 2nd and 7th house lord are in weaker state then problems in relation to health might be witnessed by the native.

If ascendant lord of D9 is weaker , then also health problems can come .

Further , if grahan dosa , gand mool dosa or any other bad dosha is there in chart , then also various health problems can come in native life.

Forex- If Jupiter is ascendant lord and is weaker being posited in a bad house and is getting affliction from Rahu or Ketu , then one might be suffering from any of the disease namely:-

Cholesterol problems

Diabetes problems

Liver problems

Obesity problems

Fat problems

Similarly , we had to assess other condition in birth chart to get to know about disease that can come in life of the native.

Further , if ascendant lord is getting affliction from Ketu and if whole birth chart is weaker , at times , diagnosing diseases is quite difficult too. In health checkups , everything is right but still cause of health problem do not get known so easily.

Similarly there are other combinations that had to be seen in health astrology to get to know about disease that can come in future.

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In health astrology , apart from general healthy guidelines to follow , there is need to follow astrology remedies such that bad planets effects can be reduced and we can attain much better health.

Overall , in health astrology , basic thing will be faith and devotion such that astrology remedies can give good results.

Overall health problems are witnessed when bad planets dasa-antardasa comes and thus astrology remedies and by taking better care of health will be handy to counteract those negative periods in life.

There can be many reasons for bad health in health astrology which can only be judged by looking birth chart.

Through health astrology, we can get a time frame that when our health can go down.

Through health astrology, we can try to guess that what kind of disease can affect our health.

Through heath astrology, we can come to know that disease can be curable or not and if curable, then in which time frame, it can be cured.

Through health astrology, we can come to know various astrology remedies that will be handy for attaining better health. Although astrology remedies cannot change destiny means that if a possibility for a cure is not there in a chart, astrology remedies will not able to finish that disease but certainly astrology remedies can reduce our suffering in relation to health.

You can take health astrology report in order to get answers in relation to your health queries. Apart from answers, various astrology remedies will also be provided such that health sufferings can be reduced in life.

-by brij pandey

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