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How will the Virodhkrit V. S. 2075 be

How will the “Virodhkrit” V. S. 2075 be?

In Indian Astrology, Sun is the king of all the planets. The Chaitra month which is the beginning of Vikram Samwat is the period when Sun is in the divine form, ‘Dhata’. In this form, Sun influences the creative force. This is the time when Sun promotes the replenishment of life force (prana tattva) on the earth.

Shree Samwat 2075 commenced on the Pratipada tithi, Sunday, Uttar Bhadrapada Nakshatra  Kanya lagna in Chaitra Shukla paksha (the 18th March 2018). The glaciers of the world will be threatened due to drastic climatic changes. Global warming will cause severe heat waves, melting of glaciers, increase in diseases and risk of animal and plant life. There will be a scarcity of milk and milk products in the nation.

In the political scene, the Prime Minister and his team of ministers will have to face tough challenges all year round. The opposition will be remarkably strong and will continue to disagree with all the policies initiated by the ruling government. Accidents related to roads, railways and airways will shoot up. The dreadful act of smuggling will be carried on in many regions of the country thus becoming a serious issue for the nation. Cross-border infiltration will be another major threat for the country and the ruling government will be almost unsuccessful in combating it. The construction of Ram mandir in Ayodhya will catch the eye of the political leaders all over the world. It will also be a topic of controversy and interest for all the political parties in India. Allegations, clashes and inter-party conflicts will be a common feature right from the Panchayat elections to Lok Sabha elections.

Protests and counter allegation will remain in all levels of politics.

Famine and infectious disease in south India, riots in West Bengal, conflicts in West India and unstable government in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan are indicated.

Planetary position and its impact in Vikram Samwat 2075

Landslides, earthquakes and storms may cause loss of life and damage of property. Business-related to crops such as red lentils (masoor), jaggery, chana, ghee and sugar will remain extremely good.

Natural disasters will add to the woes of the people. Many people will become homeless and lose their lives due to natural calamities. While some regions will face drought due to scanty rainfall others will be flooded because of heavy monsoons. The political leaders will have the difference of opinion between them and will create many embarrassing situations in the upper and lower house.

Shashyesh ‘Chandra’ – Politicians will try to give more and more benefits to the citizens. Politicians will visit all religious places, Temples, Gurudwaras, Mosques and Churches will be flooded with political leaders and financial grants.

Dhanyesh ‘Surya’ - The placement of Surya dev in Dhanyesh Pada indicates strained relations and conflicts with neighbouring countries. People may suffer from various kinds of fever, meningitis is one of the most severe ones. Low production of monsoon crops and rise in the prices of yellow lentil, sorghum, pearl millet and split black gram are indicated.

Meghesh ‘Shukra’ - Meghesh Shukra is a sign of excellent monsoons and good production of crops. Majority of the common people will discover the interest in spiritual activities and will lead a happy and prosperous life.

Rasesh ‘Budh’ - As per Rasesh Budh, there will be a good production of crops. Religious people will be blessed with true contentment. There will be an increase in the prices of sugar, sugarcane and jaggery. People associated with the business of sugarcane, ghee, red chilli, cow, buffalo and goat will enjoy high profits. Trading business will be more profitable than manufacturing.

Monsoons are most likely to remain good in different parts of the country.

Neershesh ‘Chandra’ - Chandra dev being positioned in Neershesh Pada will cause the increase in the prices of silver, ghee, pearl, cotton and marble. This positioning will give some relief in heat and Sunstroke.

Falesh ‘Guru’ - As per this Guru, in this Samwat, monsoons will remain extremely favourable. Production of fruits, grass and animal feed will be high. Mass will look to protect the environment.

Dhanesh ‘Chandra’ - As per Dhanesh prediction, businessmen, farmers, labourers and the common man will face an economic crisis. The condition of the foreign exchange market will not be instable. Business-related to the selling of elephants, cows, buffaloes and goats will be highly beneficial.

Durgesh ‘Shukra’ - The Samwat will remain quite favourable with the common man enjoying an economically stable and happy life in towns and cities. Production of crops will be on a rise and agri-business will be good. There will be development in the manufacturing of arms and ammunition associated with the defence industry. There will be an increase in the import of new and unique machinery for defence and paramilitary forces.    


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