Jupiter in 1st House | Jupiter in First House


Jupiter is natural benefic planet in astrology . If Jupiter is stronger in chart , He can single handedly can dispose off evil effects of the chart . It is due to the fact that if Jupiter is placed in good houses in chart with required strength , then it can atleast improve the significations of atleast 6 houses in horoscope because it own two houses in chart , have 5th , 7th and 9th aspects and another house where it is posited . Jupiter signifies progeny, friends , elder brother , happiness , luck , wealth , social circle , spirituality , family travels . Further, Jupiter also signifies liver , cholesterol , diabetes , gaining weight in later years and pancreas too . Jupiter also signifies gold , finance , accounts , teaching and spiritual healer as well .

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Jupiter Results in 1st House

For Aries , Jupiter rules 9th and 12th house and being placed in 1st house will be good in relation to marital life , good health , progeny , love life , education matters , luck , spirituality as well as for family travels too.

For Taurus , Jupiter in 1st house will be bad for marital life , love life , partnership business , financial life of the native as for Taurus ascendant , Jupiter mooltrikona sign lies in 8th house ( house of obstructions ) and thus problems will be felt in concerned houses and Jupiter natural significations too.

For Gemini , Jupiter rules 7th and 10th house and Kendradhipati dosa will be there for Jupiter and in this case , although results of Jupiter in 1st house will not be bad for good results , Jupiter should get Venus or Mercury aspects from good houses . In that case , Jupiter will give good results in relation to Marital and professional life .

For Cancer , Jupiter in 1st house will be exalted and it will give good results in relation to progeny ,education , marital life , luck , profession , gains from father as well as from family travels point of view. One will get name and fame too and one social life will be quite better as well.

Jupiter Transits in First house

For Leo , Jupiter in 1st house will be good in relation to partnership business , marital life , inheritance gains , progeny matters , education , luck prospects , family travels , good name and fame too . Father will be supportive and will get help from father side too.

For Virgo , Jupiter in 1st house will be good in relation to property gains , family happiness , education , gains from mother side , marital life , luck prospects provided , Jupiter is getting stronger aspects of Venus too and in that case , Jupiter significations will be enhanced.

For Libra , Jupiter in 1st house will be bad for marital life , higher education , partnership business , luck prospects , father health and bad for name and fame too as for Libra ascendant , Jupiter is 3rd and 6th house lord and is functional malefic planet

For Scorpio , Jupiter in 1st house will be good in relation to financial life , family life , progeny , higher education , luck prospects , investments , good speech and communication skills as Jupiter is 2nd and 5th house lord and will work like yogakaraka planet for Scorpio ascendant , though Jupiter is not yogakaraka for any ascendant .

Jupiter Effects in 1st House

For Sagittarius , Jupiter is placed in own sign in 1st house and will be good in relation to property gains , help and happiness from mother side , education matters , good marital life , luck as well for name and fame too.

For Capricorn, Jupiter will be debilitated in 1st house and it will be bad for marital life , education , luck prospects , name , fame . One will troubled his/her family life due to bad speech or due to lack of communication at home . One expenses might also rise which will effect financial life too.

For Aquarius , Jupiter in 1st house will be good in relation financial life , family life , good friends circle , education , progeny , luck prospects ,partnership business and for getting name and fame too .

For Pisces , Jupiter in 1st house will be its own sign and again will be good in relation to education , professional life , business , luck prospects , marital life , name , fame and good social life too .

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