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Ketu in 12th House | Ketu in Twelth House

Ketu results in 12th house

Benefic Ketu will be quite good in relation to overseas travels , provided ascendant and 12th house lord are stronger in chart . One might be charitable and might do many social work for uplifting life of poor persons . One might incur expenses on charity . One might be spreading message of peace and love in different parts of world .

One might be socially active . One might be having contacts with different walks of peoples who are doing nobel work . If ascendant lord and Moon are stronger , Ketu in 12th house will give mental satisfaction and peace of mind .

One might be travelling to foreign countries as well. One might be knowing, how to tackle and handle difficult situation with ease . One might face and dealt with competitors and enemies strongly . One health will be quite good provided , 6th house lord is stronger as well . One will get success in competitions .

On the other hand , malefic Ketu will be bad in relation to financial life as expenses might be higher that can wipe out savings . There is need to control un-necessary expenditures too . One might involves in scandals and enemies might harm native as well . Obstructions might be more in life . One might face dejections. One might involve in court cases as well . One might have mental tensions and one health will be bad too . One might get failures in competitive matters as well .

One might be confused and get in grip of problems and thus Ketu remedies will be handy for betterment in significations for 12th house.


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