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Ketu in 7th House | Ketu in Seventh House

Ketu results in 7th house

Benefic Ketu in 7th house will be quite good for marital life as Ketu will promote harmony and honesty in marital life . One will be devoted to marital life and try to keep marital life happier and comfortable . One will fulfill marital commitments and will give equal time to marital life as well apart from professional life .

Although charts had to be matched for marital harmony but as looked from chart , if 7th house lord is stronger and D9 chart is equally stronger , then Ketu in 7th house will give good effects of marital life to the native . One family life will be quite better and will get happiness out from it .

Spouse of the native will give equal support to the native. Further , if 2nd and 11th houses are stronger , one can go in partnership business as well and by hard work , one business life will rise further . Ketu in 7th house will promote partnership business which will take native life higher and will be great success financially as well .

One will go on family trips occasionally that will increase marital happiness as well .

However , Malefic Ketu in 7th house will be bad in relation to marital life . One marriage might get delayed or even if , one might get married , marital life might be quite disturbed . This will put pressures in marital life . There will be difference of opinions , verbal clashes that will break marital harmony. In worst state , Ketu in 7th house can give divorce but for that consideration , whole chart had to be studied as well in order to say anything about marriage .

If in business , once partnership business will be effected too and problems between business partners can come which might break business as one partner might think in northern direction while other in southern direction .

Overall , Ketu remedies are needed for smoothness in marital and business life.


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