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Kids Astrology By Date Of Birth

Kids Astrology By Date Of Birth | Parenting is today both exciting as well as highly challenging

Parenting is today both exciting as well as highly challenging. As parents, you need to do your bit to see that your kids grow the ideal way able to support themselves well. Here are the astrology predictions for your kids based on their date of birth and zodiac sign. Astrology predictions are highly useful to understand the nature of your kids well and tune the art of parenting to suit them right.

Aries Kids (March 21-April 19)

Though Aries babies are quiet and self-composed at birth, they slowly discover their way out into the wider world. Since this is a masculine sign, Aries children tend to prefer their fathers. These kids are more prone to accidents and therefore you must always supervise them carefully. They are highly choosy over some foods and do not like others. Aries children always like educational games and mind puzzles. Boys will be aggressive and highly active needing punch toys. They love red color and would like to race in cars. Most times Aries children like privacy and wish to spend time alone. When they are with other kids, they like to boss over.

Taurus Kids (April 20-May 20)

You will hardly need any effort to put Taurus kids to sleep as sleeping comes natural to them. Since their ruling sign rules over the five senses, you need to attend to all their requirements at once as they shall scream over demanding what they want. Generally they love people and move sweetly with all. Taurus kids have a great flair for dressing themselves in a variety of ways. They will love to kick and hit and therefore give them soft toys to play. Taurus is an earth sign and these children love outdoors. They love music and you will see budding vocalists and instrumentalists in your kids. Since they are always tempted to hit others, patiently take time to tell them that they need to desist from hurting others.

Gemini Kids (May 21 – June 20)

Gemini kids always belong to the genius group. They usually talk or sing much earlier than other kids do. They are highly curious and would like to handle everything they find around them. Ruled by Mercury (the planet of communication), it will be surprising to see them developing their own language before catching up with the language of their parents. These kids have a flair for technology and gadgets. Keep a watch on them lest they shall get addicted to video games. Scientific toys are great products to give them to nurture their talents. They can pick up many languages easily. Dramatics comes naturally to them and they love to be in teams.

Cancer Kids (June 21 – July 22)

Cancer kids are always attached to their mothers. They always show a need to be loved. These kids are moody and might cry most times. These kids are also so curious and would like to put anything they see in their mouths and therefore be careful to keep a watch on them. These kids feel shy towards strangers and are highly family-oriented. They like to be fashionable with dressing when it comes to school or events. Born in the motherly sign, these kids like stuffed toys to show their love and play nurturing games. Drawing, painting and making collages come very naturally to them. They always love things connected to eating, the kitchen and the dining table. Often they might like to withdraw enjoying themselves.

Leo Kids (July 23 – August 22)

You will find Leo children in happy moods and they are smiling and outgoing most of the time. They like to be dramatic all the time playing around and spending time with toys and computers. They are happy when they are allowed to be creative and enjoy freedom. It is not easy to put these kids to sleep as they like to sing and play all night long. Astrology predictions say drama, dance and gymnastics classes suit them very well. They will love a box full of clothes to wear, creative toys to play and would spend time in their own world with imaginary friends. They will love making noise and clapping aloud. They love pets from their hearts.

Virgo Kids (August 23 – September 22)

Virgo children are highly choosy they express it openly that they do not like certain foods. These children always prefer surroundings without many distractions. Since they are ruled by communication planet Mercury, they tend to speak much earlier than other children. They bring out their best when put inside an organized schedule and set routine. Though appear innocent at birth, astrology predictions say then tend to become mischievous when they grow up. Lot of books and puzzles will nurture their innate talents. These kids always like to help others by nature. These children tend to get connected to older members than the children of their age. When they are with their own age group, they tend to be bossy.

Libra Kids (September 23 – October 22)

Libra kids are the best choice for perfect baby pictures. They easily get along with strangers and take pride in showing their talents. They always tend to demand attention from their parents. Since their sign is connected to marriage, any incident of divorce of their parents will hit them the most. They always have a high sense of moral judgment, what is right and wrong and therefore cannot tolerate any acts of partiality and injustice. Since their ruling planet is Venus, astrology predictions say these kids shall always have a flair for beauty and creativity. Since these children crave for celebrations, they wait for months together for their birthday parties. They can do well in partnership games and on the stage.

Scorpio Kids (October 23 – November 21)

Astrology predictions say Scorpio children have a lot of talent in them and have the capacity to charm others and win their attention and admiration. Being introverts, they love to spend enough time along brooding over mysterious things. Usually these children love the company of a single very close friend. They are highly sensitive and contain their emotions within. Therefore you must sit with them to find out what is wrong if they are seen moody and dejected. These children love to compete and are born musicians. They can pick up foreign languages quickly and can excel in water sports and dramatics.

Sagittarius Kids (November 22 – December 21)

Being delightful little clowns, the exploration of the world starts on the very first day for Sagittarius kids. They like to be independent and outgoing and will delight in the company of their peers. Astrology predictions say these kids never like to be watched over or spied over. Therefore you need to give them the space to move while watching them regularly without causing them any discomfort. They love playing for hours with peers. They talk early and possess a superior communication skill. They like outdoor life, playing in mud and getting dirty. They do not want to be ruled by rules and regulations. They will love pets and stuffed animals.

Capricorn Kids (December 22 – January 19)

By nature these children are highly disciplined and prefer an orderly life. They always like to make their parents happy and proud. It is necessary to start socializing them at a very young age with other kids. They love childhood friends the most and many of them even end up marrying their childhood first love. They love family, traditions, celebrations and events. If the home atmosphere is unstable during early life, these children tend to turn into misfits. Times to socialize and bond with their families make them most happy. They like playing at parks and roaming outside. They are natural leaders and always love to take leadership roles and imitate the jobs of elders.

Aquarius Kids (January 20 – February 18)

These genius kids will always long for the company of as many kids as they can get. Often most of these kids are eccentric and offbeat. They always like to pass on bizarre comments. They do not like to be controlled or tamed. They always like to fight for their rights and in this regard enter into quarrels with their friends unable to be treated in an unjust way. They always like teamwork. Astrology predictions say they can love magic and chemistry and they love to delight others with their creative abilities. Since they belong to an active sign, the need to move around, make fund and enjoy a great part of the outdoor life.

Pisces Kids (February 19 – March 20)

Pisces kids always have maturity beyond their age. Most of these kids become engineers, photographers and visual artists. With a superior imagination, these kids will create games for others to play. If other kids neglect them, they feel sad. They are always emotional and like to show their love and affection to others and get hurt if others do not reciprocate. Drawing, painting, collaging and other forms of creative arts are their most favorite hobbies. Being ruled by the Lord of foot, they can shine well with sports like soccer, dancing and skating. Swimming comes natural to them and they shall shine in this sport. They like to move with elders and will love participating in cooking.
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