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Kim Kardashians Planetary Position

Planets Behind Kim Kardashians Glam Slam | Kim Kardashians Planetary Position

Kim Kardashians Astrological figure

Kardashian is Kimberly Noel “Kim” Kardashian. Kim is a Fashion influencer, model, socialite, actress, and American Television personality.

‘Keeping up with the Kardashian's'  Kim’s E! Reality television series, brought her television cachet. As friend and stylist of Paris Hilton, Kim came into limelight at first. After a notorious famous sex tape of Kim with her boyfriend Ray J, Kim got the status of Social media Queen soon. With estimated earnings of $ 6 million, Kardashian was tagged as the highest paid
a personality of reality television, after Relishing that in 2010.

Here, we have tried to read the Birth card of Kim to search out what makes her Famous and rich, as labeled by Kim’s admirers for being famous. Thriving Cosmetic range and apparel own by Kim Kardashian. As social media and online celebrity, Kim has grown gimmick that she made her place in the 100 most influential people in the 2015’s list.

Born with Passion and ambition!

Kim was born with passion and fire. With the ascendant Mars, Kim Kardashian is born in Scorpio. When Kim was born, this mighty planet was inside her Zodiac house. Covertly aggressive and supremely confident characters are due to the Sun in her House while Mars gifts her ambitious and Confident nature. These are the natural characters of Kim's personality. That's why no one underestimates this Wonder woman and she never undermined by any Jay Bay, no matter how much and how hard they tried.

Kim's fascinating and mysterious character develops due to the combination of Scorpio and Mars in her House. Kim is a candidate for Plastic surgeries and this happens due to the planets. With these planets in her house, there is a tendency to be surgeries and injurious. All those she did with her nose is a sign of being surgeries…but it's a good contour. She has an art of self-control with which she was blessed.

Moon staying in the 5th house

The moon stays in the 5th house in her life. A luck and happiness associated with children, high-level fertility, clarity and positivity of thoughts in Kim's life brings up by Moon which stays in the 5th house. No matter, why Kim was on 9th cloud when her daughter North offer her hand-painted Purse $10,000 on Mother's day. Her charisma and desire are only due to the Moon's presence.

Sun stays in 12th house

Sun stays in her 12th house which make her weak and deeply emotional that is responsible for causing deeply emotional situations and issues with her father. Such place of Sun indicates the chances of controversies that Kim face with her father on remarks of her first marriage with Damon Thomas.

Behind interracial marriage, Kim's Dad was very vocal and mad. Kim loses her father very early due to the Sun's  12th position in her house.

Broadly speaking, Kim is a blessed and happiest person with many beneficial combinations that are responsible for keeping her in limelight and successful in her entire life. The spark of Sun and other Planets make her gloom and shiny with grace and authority.  

Anjali Chauhan


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