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Leo Horoscope

Birth Dates Range:   Jul 22 - Aug 21
Zodiac Sign Grouping:   Fire
Characteristic Feature:   Fixed
Lucky Colors:   Red, orange, gold, yellow,
Lucky Days:   Sunday
Lucky Numbers:   01
Ruler of the zodiac sign:   Sun
Strengths:   Fun loving, compassionate, robust, zealous, empathetic, creative
Weaknesses:   Proud, hating advises, self-centered, lethargic, uncompromising
Likes:   Entertainment, vacationing, being praised, luxury, bright colors, socializing
Dislikes:   Being neglected, tough realities of life, not being respected

Leo Horoscope

Here we will be using Leo horoscope instead of Ascendant as this are the generalized predictions and can vary from individual to individual which is further based on personal accurate birth details to get exact predictions.

Leo is the fifth sign of the Zodiac. It starts from 120th degree of Vernal Equinox and extends up to 150 degrees. Fiery by nature, fixed and masculine, Leo is a sign of Long ascension. Sign Leo is also termed as a hot, dry, bestial and barren sign. Sign Leo is known for infusing warmth and well-being. Leo borns have a strong sense of nobility running through their veins. They are extroverts who like to live life to the fullest. They love being center of attention and often surrounded themselves with admirers. They aspire for loyalty and once it is there, they offer generosity, warmth, and compassion. They seek to succeed and make an impact in every situation. Their flamboyance and personal magnetism extend to every facet of their life. Sign Leo is ruled by the star Sun - A large constellation of the night sky. It takes a year to orbit around 12 signs of Zodiac. Classically it is depicted as a planet of vitality, energy and creative power. Its influence in the chart represents individual character, spirit and will power. How one expresses, responds, instinctively reacts to people and situations, carries and launches oneself on the world stage is deciphered by the position of Sun in the chart. It energizes individuals and triggers the events, and experiences during the entire span of a year. The sign Leo is represented by the Lion's Mane. The Lion - the king of beasts symbolizes regal nature of this sign.

Leo Characteristics Horoscope

Leos are born to lead and rule. These confident, dominating and creative individuals can achieve anything in life conquering their hurdles and overcoming the challenges. Their loyalty and generosity win them a lot of friends. They are charismatic and majestic personalities who can inspire others so easily and mobilize them into successful teams for a common cause. Their powerful sense of humor helps them collaborate with people easily. Characterized by the element of fire, they like to laugh and find a good time in life. They take the initiative to solve tricky situations with the help of their intelligence. They always wish to fuel their ego and grow it to find some fulfillment. In their desire for self-aggrandizement, they can be often negligent of other people’s needs.

Leo Love and Marriage Horoscope

Passionate Leos are very sincere when it comes to relationships. They can clearly express their feelings and needs to their partners. They take the leading role even when it comes to relationships. When Leos are too much imposing on their partners, their partners might grow tired of them. Leos will comfortable with partners who are intelligent as them, reasonable and aware of themselves. At the same time, Leo’s partners must be able to express their needs boldly in order to get what they want or they will be sidelined and neglected. Let's look forward to fun-filled, adventurous and vibrant sexual life. Often in their need for physical fulfillment, they might tend to forget the importance of intimacy and emotions between partners.

Leo Family and Friends Horoscope

Leos are highly faithful, loyal and truthful when it comes to friendship. Leos are highly helping in nature and are benevolent. These strong and reliable individuals will create situations around them to bring out the creative talents and skills of people working with them. They never like to be alone. They always want to be praised and respected by others and cannot take being neglected with ease. They might often have troubles in finding friends that can share their tastes and keep pace with their speedy nature. For Leos family is often a burden. Being outdoor loving, they never like to think about family too much. Though they will protect their near and dear ones, they will soon want that independence and obligation-free life once again.

Leo Career Horoscope

These energetic and creative individuals always want to keep themselves busy in life. They love being optimistic and look forward to benefiting from opportunities. Those professions that can give vent to their artistic talents suit them the best including acting and entertaining. They can very well manage themselves and others too. But they cannot tolerate being bossed over by their superiors. Vocations like politics, management, education, and entertainment will fit them very well. Leos love trendy and modern things. They spend lavishly on leading a luxurious life in every way possible. These generous individuals will also spend a lot of money helping their friends and others on the move as a mark of proving their generosity.

Functional Benefic Planet For Leo Horoscope

For Leo astrology, this is functional benefic planets which give results as according to there placements, aspects and conjunction and they are:-

Sun being the ascendant house lord which is Trine house (1st, 5th  and 9th houses are the trine houses) and quadrant house ( 1st , 4th , 7th or 10th house ) as well and hence it is a functional benefic planet.

Jupiter being the lord of 5th house. As 5th house is trine house and its Mooltrikona sign is in 5th house, thus Jupiter itself is a functional benefic planet.

Mars which itself is 4th and 9th house lord is yogakaraka planet for Leo natives as it is the owner of quadrant and trine house and hence becomes yogakaraka planet and again as like for cancer natives, Manglik dosa does not apply for Leo ascendant persons. Mars is a 1st rate functional benefic planet for Leo persons.

Here, Manglik dosa , which is feared in India will not be applicable for Leo ascendant natives, provided Mars is strong and not placed in bad houses due to the fact that Mars is yogakaraka planet and thus Mars will not give its bad effect to Leo person.

Moon is natural benefic planet if it is waxing Moon ( from No moon to Full moon ) . Further , it will be functional benefic planet or not will depend upon its association in the chart.

Malefic Planet For Leo Horoscope Are:-

Mercury is the malefic planet for Leo as it is the 2nd  and 11th  house lord . According to Maharashi Parashara who is the greatest Astrologer had said that as 11th house  is tridasya ( 3rd , 6th and 11th houses are tridasya houses ) which is again bad house in astrology will work as malefic planet for Leo horoscope however its association with functional benefic planets in good houses will give good results to the Leo man/woman.

Venus will be functional malefic planet for Leo sign due to the fact that its mooltrikona sign lies in 3rd house but again its results will basically relies on its association and aspects , which is getting in the chart.

Saturn , though is natural malefic planet in astrology and for Leo  , it will be act as Neutral planet being the 6th  house lord ( 6th  house is bad house) where as its Mooltrikona sign lies in 7th house  and as according to rule of vedic astrology , natural malefic planets tends to give good results when they are quadrant house lord and thus it will act as a neutral planet in this case . Saturn results will again depends upon its association , placement and aspects that will be coming in the chart.

However , Saturn will act as a maraka planet for Leo zodiac sign natives due to its lordship over 7th house ( marak house ) and its natural enemity to Sun will have more malefic shades as compared to positive shades.

Rahu and Ketu are always malefic for each and every horoscope and tends to give results as according to there depositor planet ( sign lord of Rahu and Ketu respectively ) and results of the associating planet in the chart .

Leo Horoscope For Education : 

2nd and 4th houses are prime houses for initial education . If Mercury and Mars are placed in good houses in chart and Jupiter is giving aspect to both this planets , then it will be a good combination for Leo sign natives and there initial education will be quite good and stronger , provided there is no functional malefic planet aspect on to this houses or planets .

If contrary , Mercury is placed in 8th house ( bad house ) and Mars is placed in good house then initial education will tend to suffer and obstructions will be there in education matters but as education progress to higher level , slowly and slowly , things will improve from primary to senior level as 4th house signifies education from 4th to 9th class level.

5th house signifies “Higher Education “. If 5th house lord , Jupiter is placed in good house, then Jupiter alone will be able to give good results as far as higher education is concerned as Jupiter is functional benefic planet in chart and is natural significator of “education matters” too . Here one might become Army person , Police men or might reach to higher administrative posts (provided Sun is stronger in chart ), Accountant , MBA , Engineer , Doctor or an  Insurance agent .

On a contrary note , if Jupiter is combusted or placed with Rahu or ketu in bad houses , then one will tend to suffer in education matters and getting success in education will be quite tougher for Leo zodiac sign natives. 

Leo Horoscope For Finance (Money)

2nd house is the house that signifies “Investments & Money “ . 11th house is the house that signifies “Financial Gains “ . Here , if 2nd and 11th house lord , Mercury  is placed in quadrant or in Trine houses along with strong Jupiter , it will create “Dhan Yoga (Money Yoga ) which will bestows good results in Jupiter or Mercury main period (Dasha) or sub period (Antardasa) respectively .

Here on the other hand , if Saturn is associated with Mercury in bad houses , it will be  bad for finances as here Saturn will loose good significations and darker side of the Saturn will come into picture being associated with functional malefic planet Mercury. 

Leo Horoscope For Property :

4th house is the house that signifies gains in relation to immovable assets . 4th house lord , Mars , which itself is natural significator (karaka ) of immovable assets and as being the yogakaraka planet for Leo native , being placed in quadrant or Trine will results gains in relation to Immovable assets in main period or sub periods of Mars with other functional benefic planet ,provided that other functional benefic planet is stronger in chart too.

However , if Mars is under affliction by Nodes or placed in bad house or combusted, then there will be loss of family happiness and obstructions will come in gaining of immovable assets .

Mars conjunction with Saturn will also be bad for Leo person in bad houses and can leads to problems in property matters and family happiness.

Leo Horoscope For Siblings:

Here Venus is the lord of 3rd house ( house of younger brother ) . If Venus is placed in Trine house with Jupiter  , then , one will have good relations with his/her younger brother and sisters too , provided there younger brother and Sisters charts 3rd house is neat and clean and is not afflicted .

If Venus is associated with Saturn in bad houses or gets afflicted by nodes in bad houses , then relations will be bad with brothers and sisters and one had to take care while dealing with brother and sisters for family happiness for Leo zodiac sign natives. 

Leo Horoscope For Children

5th house is the house that signifies children area for Leo . If 5th house lord , Jupiter  is associated with Sun , one child will be educated , knowledgeable , lovable , caring and affectionate as Jupiter and Sun are functional benefics as well as natural friends too . If however , this planets are placed in bad houses , then one relation with his /her child might suffers but if proper efforts are made , then results can become better .

If however , Jupiter is placed with Saturn in bad houses , then here Saturn bad side will be reflected and there might be difference of opinion between parents and child on smaller things and results might not be good as far as child matters are concerned.

Leo Horoscope For Health

6th house is the house that signifies “Health” . Here Saturn , which is the neutral planet for Leo horoscope , if posited in bad houses or is combusted or with nodes , then one health will suffer and He/She had to take proper care of health in his/her life time .

If Saturn and Venus are associated , then also one health can suffer as here Venus 3rd house bad effects will prevail which can be bad for one health . Mercury association with Saturn is not good for health of the native too.

If Saturn is Situated with Jupiter in good houses or placed in 6th house itself without any conjunction or aspects of functional malefic planet , then on a general note , one health will be good but to assess health , conditions of other planets and ongoing dasa-antradasa had to looked as well to get clear picture in relation to health.

Leo  Horoscope For Marriage, Leo Love Horoscope

7th house is the house in relation to “Marital life “. Here , Saturn will be 7th house lord and is inimical to ascendant lord Sun and thus there is stronger need that Saturn is not afflicted or is not combusted and is placed in good houses .

Further , there is need that natural karak of love related matters should be strong in good houses and either one of them should aspect 7th house such that marriage can be there as well as marital happiness can come side by side.

If Saturn is posited with Jupiter in 9th house , then one marital life will be quite good as here Jupiter will strong enough to counter act bad effects of Saturn.

On the other hand , if Saturn is posited with Mercury in bad houses or getting aspect of Nodes , then one marital life will suffer or health conditions of spouse might go down . There might be issues and quarrels on smaller things which had to be avoided for better marital life .

Leo Horoscope For Inheritance

8th house is the house that signifies “Inheritance matters “. Here Mars which is yoga karaka planet too, if posited with Jupiter in good houses without any affliction of functional malefic planets , then one can gain from “Inheritance matters “ too .

On the flip side to it , If Jupiter is posited with Mercury in bad houses or any other functional malefic planets in bad houses , then one have to remain careful as there might be inheritance issues or there might be no inheritance at all or it might be bad for financial life for the Leo sign natives.

Leo Horoscope For Litigation

6th house is the house that signifies “Litigation Matters “. Here 6th house lord Saturn , if posited along with Venus in bad houses , then one might had to suffer allegations or might had to see court in his/her life time . Leo’s in this case had to avoid all those kind of things that can give them disgrace or dejections .

If Saturn is associated with Venus in bad house , then court case might be in relation to his/her marital life where as Mercury association with Saturn in bad house might give court case in relation to Money as Mercury rules 2nd and 11th house  ( houses of finances ) . Association of Mercury, Venus and Saturn in bad houses will reflect there negative sides which will be bad for family and financial life for Leo’ zodiac sign natives.

Leo Horoscope For Career, Leo Career Horoscope

10th house is the house that signifies “Professional life “. If Venus will posited with Jupiter or with Mars in good house , one will enjoy good professional life . If Venus is associated with Jupiter , one education will play direct role in shaping career of Leo.

If Venus is associated with Mars , then one might get chances of traveling in relation to profession . Here aspect of stronger Moon will give chances of foreign journeys too in Venus-Mars period and sub periods .

If however , Saturn is placed with Venus  in bad houses , then one professional life will be full of struggles and proper growth will be harder to come by . Balancing between personal and professional life will be difficult to come by and delays and dejections will be seen in professional life too for Leo zodiac sign persons.

Leo Horoscope For Travels

12th house is the house that signifies “Traveling abroad “. If Jupiter , which itself is natural karak of traveling and is posited along with Moon  in good houses , then Gajkesari yoga will form which will give chances of traveling abroad especially in connection to family travels or in connection to one education .

If on the other hand , Moon is afflicted by nodes or conjuncting Saturn in bad house  , then obstructions will come for going abroad or even if one gets the chances of traveling abroad , journey might not be fruitful one and health issues can come in Moon-Saturn or Saturn-Moon period or sub-periods.

Colors That Are Suited For Leo Zodiac Sign

Red, Orange, Yellow

Numbers That Are Good For Leo  Zodiac Sign

1, 2, 3, 9 , 10 , 11, 12 , 18 , 20

Favorable Week Days For Leo Zodiac Sign

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

Remedies For Leo Zodiac Sign

Though remedies can be prescribed only after looking birth chart this is the general remedies that can strengthen Leo chart and they are:-

Reciting or Listening Hanuman Chalisa on Tuesday and Saturday

Reciting or Listening to Aditya Hardam Strotam on Sunday

Reciting Durga Chalisa on Friday

-By Brij Pandey