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Libra Horoscope

Birth Dates Range:   Sep 22 - Oct 22
Zodiac Sign Grouping:   Air
Characteristic Feature:   Cardinal
Lucky Colors:   Pink, pale blue, black, dark crimson, amber, lemon yellow
Lucky Days:   Friday
Lucky Numbers:   06
Ruler of the zodiac sign:   Venus
Strengths:   Understanding, sympathetic, gracious, just, out-going
Weaknesses:   Inability to decide, avoiding conflicts, malice feelings, seeking attention
Likes:   Peace, caring and sharing, outdoor life, friendly manners
Dislikes:   Fighting, unfair situations, talking too much, sticking on to something

Libra Horoscope

Here we will be using Libra horoscope instead of Ascendant as this are the generalized predictions and can vary from individual to individual which is further based on personal accurate birth details to get exact predictions.

Functional Benefic Planet For Libra Horoscope

For Libra astrology, this is functional benefic planets which give results as according to there placements, aspects and conjunction and they are:-

Here, Venus is ascendant lord for Libra natives and will act as a functional benefic due to the fact that Venus Mooltrikona sign lies in 1st house and 1st house is Trine as well as Quadrant house too.

Saturn will be the most stronger functional benefic planet in the chart as it is not only the functional benefic planet but is also the yogakaraka planet for Libra in the chart. When any planet has simultaneously owned any Trine (1st , 5th and 9th houses ) along with any quadrant house ( 1st , 4th , 7th and 10th houses ) , then that planet becomes yogakaraka planet in particular horoscope . As Saturn will own 4th  and 5th houses , it will act as strong yogakaraka planet in chart for Libra horoscope .

Here , One point that’s needed to be clear is  “Saturn Sade Sati “ which is feared in India and name itself is enough to spread fear among peoples will not affect Libra horoscope natives provided , Saturn is not afflicted or placed in bad houses due to the fact that Saturn is yogakaraka planet for Libra ascendant natives and yogakaraka planet will not harm the concerned person or chart .

Here Mercury being the lord of 9th house ( Trine house) and 12th house ( neutral house) will tends to act as functional benefic planet for the native . Although , 12th house is bad house but as another sign of Mercury is posited in 9th house and is friendlier to ascendant lord , Venus , here we can assume the fact that , Mercury will be functional benefic planet for the Libra , unless and other wise , it is severely afflicted or associated with functional malefic planet. 

Functional Malefic Planets For Libra Horoscope

Waning Moon ( From Full Moon to No Moon) but overall, it will be neutral in this case and its association with other planets will decide its results. If Moon is associated with Saturn in any good houses, it will act more as a functional benefic whereas the association with Jupiter will be bad for Libra natives. Here, again point to be noted is Gajkesari yoga which will form will not able to give good results to native fully as Jupiter here will act as the functional malefic planet for Libra ascendant natives.

Another, point to be noted is that how Saturn which is natural malefic in nature will give good results and Sade Sati will not be bad whereas how natural benefic Jupiter will give bad results and formation of auspicious Gajkesari yoga will not able to benefit Libra ascendant natives.

Overall, this is the beauty of Vedic astrology and all things had to be studied for better prediction and outcome.

Mars , here will act as neutral planet and further its bad or good results will again depends upon its placement , aspects and conjunction in the chart but whether placed with functional benefic or Malefic , it will remain bigger Maraka planet for Libra ascendant as it is 2nd and 7th house lord and both this houses are maraka houses in astrology.

Jupiter which is greatest natural benefic planet in vedic astrology will be functional malefic planet for Libra natives due to the fact that Jupiter is 3rd and 11th house lord and both this houses are bad houses in astrology.

Sun as being 11th house lord is neutral planet but when associated with 3rdand 6th house lord become functional malefic planet where as its association with Venus and Mercury will be good, provided , Mercury and Venus are not combusted.

Rahu and Ketu are always malefic for each and every horoscope and tends to give results as according to there depositor planet ( sign lord of Rahu and Ketu respectively ) and results of the associating planet in the chart .

Libra Horoscope For Education :- 

2nd and 4th houses are prime houses for initial education. Here , If Mars is placed in own sign in 2nd house or in 7th house  then Libra zodiac sign native will have quite good education in there early years .

If Mars is placed in bad house , then native initial education might suffers due to lack of concentration or due to bad health.

5th house signifies “Higher Education “. If 5th house lord , Saturn is placed in good houses without any functional malefic aspects , then Libra sign native will have brighter higher education and one might chose the field of Telecommunication , Content Writing or Teaching line as Mercury itself is natural significator of “Education Matters and Mental Intellect “, provided , Mercury is stronger enough to protect its significations.

On the contrary note , If  Saturn is ill placed then one education might receives set back or concentration might be on lower side or interest might not able to develop fully in education matters or even with hard efforts , results might not be so encouraging as it should be .

Libra Horoscope For Finance, Money:

2nd house is the house that signifies “Investments & Money “ . 11th house is the house that signifies “Financial Gains “ . Here , if 2nd house lord , Mars is associated with Sun in 2nd house along with aspect of Venus , then Dhan yoga(Money yoga )  will be applicable here due to the fact that 2nd and 11th house lord will be posited in 2nd house ( house of finances ) and with aspect of Venus , native will gain from investment and from other sources , provided here , Venus is stronger too. 

It is due to this placement that even Sun which is functional malefic will not able to give malefic results because of stronger aspects of functional benefic planet and Mars which is itself is 2nd house lord will be posited in own sign and thus , financial gains might be there for the native .

On the other hand , If Mars is debilitated or combusted , then native might had to face financial pressures or even theft cannot be denied if Mars is getting aspect from Jupiter as here malefic Jupiter will become stronger and its significations of bad house will be visible for the Libra sign native.

Libra Horoscope For Property: 

4th house is the house that signifies gains in relation to immovable assets . If 4th house lord , Saturn s placed with Venus in 9th house then there are stronger chances of gain from immovable assets as Venus will be placed with yogakaraka planet Saturn . Saturn is itself significator of “Immovable assets “ and being placed with ascendant lord in good houses will leads to gain from immovable assets in Venus-Saturn periods and Vice –Versa .

Again it can be noted that how natural malefic planet can work well for the native provided they are house lord of good houses and placed in good houses without any affliction. 

On the contrary , If 4th house lord Saturn is combusted or placed in bad house ,then 4th house attributes will tend to suffer and ultimate result would be losses in property matters and as 4th house also signifies “Domestic Happiness “ and thus family happiness will be down and dejection can creeps in quietly for Libra ascendant natives .

Libra Horoscope For Siblings

Here , Jupiter is the lord  of 3rd house ( house of younger brother ) . If Jupiter is placed with Sun then Libra zodiac sign native might have stained relations with there brother and sister which might be due to finances as here malefic Jupiter with Sun will create tussle in relation to finances with brother and sisters as Jupiter is functional malefic where as Sun will be 11th house ( house of financial gains lord) and due to association of functional malefic , relations might be patchy .

If however , Jupiter is associated with Saturn and getting aspects of stronger Mercury or Venus , then ,relations with brother and Sisters will be quite good and one will get help and will give help to there brother and sisters.

In this way , it can be judged that how even benefic planet Jupiter  will be ineffective for some ascendants or horoscope and even natural malefic planets tends to give good results which again varies from ascendant to ascendant and there placements and associations in the chart.

Libra Horoscope For Children

5th house is the house that signifies children area for Libra chart. Here, if 5th house lord , Saturn is exalted or posited in own sign in 5th house , “Shasha Yoga “ will be forming for the native and end result will be success in progeny matters . One child will be quite intelligent , graceful , affectionate and lovable too . One child will have sharper mind which will helpful in his/her studies too .

On the other hand , affliction to Saturn or if Saturn is placed in bad house then opposite results will tend to come by . One children might not listen to Libra  native or one might not able to have cordial relations with there loved ones .

Libra Horoscope For Health

6th house is the house that signifies “Health” .  If 6th house lord , Jupiter  is placed with yogakaraka planet , Saturn in horoscope in good house and getting stronger aspect of Mercury and Venus ,  then Libra native will enjoy good health provided Sun is also getting some benefic aspect as well.

On the contrary note , if 6th house lord , Jupiter  is placed with Sun  in bad house then Libra native health might suffer and there is need to look and take proper care of there health especially in Sun-Jupiter period-sub period or vice versa.

Libra  Horoscope For Marriage , Libra Love Horoscope

Here 7th house lord , Mars is 2nd house lord ( house of family lord  ) too and if Mars is placed badly will create rift in marital matters .Marital life will suffer and on extreme , if there is no functional benefic aspect on Mars and on the 7th house , one relationship might get break up or chances of getting married might be difficult for the native .

Here Manglik dosa (which is formed when Mars is placed in 1st , 2nd , 4th , 7th , 8th or in 12th house from ascendant ),  if  applicable will be bad for the Libra native marital life . In this case , it would be better if Libra natives marries to manglik person or get manglik puja done before marriage by taking other things into consideration as well .

Libra Horoscope For Inheritance

8th house is the house that signifies “Inheritance matters “. If 8th house lord , Venus is placed with yogakarak Saturn in good houses, then chances of inheritance matters can build up for the native . Similarly , if Venus is getting functional benefic aspect and functional benefic planet Mercury or Saturn is giving aspect to 8th house , then also chances of successful inheritance can come to the native in Mercury-Venus , Saturn –Venus periods for Libra sign natives.

On the other hand , if Venus is placed badly in bad houses without any functional benefic aspects , then chances of inheritance might not be there and even if slightest chances of inheritance comes , issues side by side might also pops up as well .

Libra Horoscope For Litigation

6th house is the house that signifies “Litigation Matters “. Here if Jupiter is placed badly with Mars in bad house , chances of litigation can come especially with spouse or in relation to Marital life as Mars is 7th house lord for Libra natives .

Same thing will be applicable for Sun-Jupiter combination as well in bad house and source of reason might be in relation to finances or money as Sun is 11th house ( house of financial gains lord )

If Jupiter  is placed with stronger Saturn or Mercury in good houses , then  chances of litigation will be negligible for Libra natives .

Libra Horoscope For Career , Libra Career Horoscope

10th house is the house that signifies “Professional life “. Here Moon is 10th house lord and if Moon is posited along with yogakaraka Saturn , then one will get good job and will grow higher with his/her efforts . Here . one education also plays a vital role in forming one career as Saturn is 5th house lord too which is posited with Moon which is 10th house lord .

Here , again , we can see that Saturn is enemy to Moon but here , it will give good results because Saturn is yogakaraka here and Moon because of associating with functional benefic planet will bestows good results of 10th house .

Here , one more thing that had to be noted is that Gajkesari yoga will not able to give full effects , due to the fact that , Jupiter is functional malefic planet in chart and association with Moon can even harm , one professional life , if Jupiter and Moon are posited in bad houses in chart .

Further ,  if Moon is afflicted by Nodes , then in that case , one profession will be severely affected and even by hard work , results will not come in professional life and one might had to confined with low paying job despite best efforts .  In worst state , Libra native can lose job too and that is why each and every thing whether it is placement , aspects or association had to be looked in the chart to predict results which varies from ascendant to ascendant.

Libra Horoscope For Travels

The 12th house is the house that signifies “Traveling abroad “. Mercury is 12th house lord and if it is posited along with Saturn in good houses, then one might travel abroad in connection to a job or in relation to studies.

On the contrary, if Mercury is posited along with Jupiter in bad house, then one chance for going abroad will get dim or one will lose his money abroad or success might not come at abroad which will give stress and indirectly will affect health as well.

Colors that are suited for Libra Zodiac sign

White, Blue, Green

Numbers that are good for Libra Zodiac sign

5 , 6 , 8 , 14, 15, 17 , 23, 24, 26

Favorable weekdays for Libra Zodiac sign

Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Remedies for Libra Zodiac sign

Though remedies can be prescribed only after looking birth chart this is the general remedies that can strengthen Libra chart and they are:-

Donation of White food items or white clothes to needy on Friday.

Reciting or listening to Mother Durga Shaptshloki mantra on Friday

Reciting Vishnu Shestranaam on Wednesday and Thursday.

-By Brij Pandey