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Mangal Mahadasha

Mangal Mahadasha

The mahadasha of Mars rules for 7 years in our life. The mahadasha of mars is synonymously called mangal mahadasha, vimsottari Mangal mahadasha , kuja dasha , bhauma dasha etc. The mangal mahadasha is called major period of mars in english. It can be both benefic and malefic depending upon its strength in the chart. The planet Mars is a fiery planet. The person with strong mars is courageous, forceful, independent, combative, stubborn and more or less fighting bent of mind. The weak mars in the birth chart can make you unconfident, dependent, fearful. The debilitated Mars in the birth chart can make you undemonstrative and unexpressive. It can also develop an inferiority complex.

Benefic Mahadasha of Mars

The role of the planet Mars in the birth chart, it is in necessary to check if the planet Mars is beneficial to you. You can check it in various ways.

There is much online astrological software available that can donate if your mars are strong enough in your natal chart almost instantly.

The benefic mahadasha of mars can bring success in the field of administration, defense, home department, sports, fire department and the segment that exclusively requires courage and force.

The well-known cricketers, footballers, boxers, mountaineers, bikers, car racers and swimmers have powerful mars.

The Planet Mars can bring extremely benefic results when it is posited in its exaltation, own sign and friendly sign.

Benefic Mahadasha of Mars for 7 years

There are two states of the planet mars I.e.,benfic or malefic. The benefic mars will bring spectacular achievements during its administration period.

The mahadasha of mars will bring robust health, wealth, property, conveyance, knowledge and success in the profession, administrative ability and command over people.

Malefic Mahadasha of mars for 7 years

The mars can be harmful if it is debilitated in the cancer zodiac sign, combust with sun and afflicted by Saturn, rahu and Ketu.

You are likely to have a lot of enemies during malefic period of mars mahadasha for 7 years.

The evil placed mars can be the cause of injuries, surgeries and accidents. It can bring also the danger out of fire.

During the mars mahadasha you should be extremely careful with preventive measures prescribed according to vedic astrology.

Result of mars mahadasha based on ascendant

The planet mars will bring good or bad results not only due to its placement but also based on ascendant. The certain ascendants are beneficial for the mars during its mahadasha and some are not auspicious.

Remedial measures for the mars in vedic astrology

If the planet Mars are malefic for you, you can follow some of the remedial measures:

Use red coral with gold in the ring finger on Tuesday.

Use 3 face rudraksha in the neck.

Keep mangal yantra in the pooja place at home or you can also use as a pendant.

Read Hanuman Chalisa every day.

Use anantmool root in a tawiz for the propitiation of the planet Mars.

~Richa Yadav


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