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Possibility of Divorce
Possibility of Divorce

At times , in marital life , lot of problems do come which creates family atmosphere bad . In marriage astrology , lot of things had to matched in astrology like :-

Ashtkoot guna matching, Condition of 5th and 7th house, Condition of Jupiter and Venus, Condition of D9 chart, Manglik dosha

Overall , after matching this key points , marriage compatibility can be considered but at times , charts are not matched and in today fast life , we do not have time for each other which creates pressures in our family life.

At times , we do able to subsidise marital pressures but at times , problem worsens which can take one to divorce too but even in that condition , we do not able to know whether divorce is on the cards or not .

With that perspective in mind, you can take the possibility of divorce report in which answers, whether chances of divorce is there or not, will be given to you.

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Marriage Match Making Analysis
Marriage Match Making Analysis

In our life, when we get settled professionally, then comes the potential question in relation to marriage. In an initial step, it is difficult to find good bride or groom and even when that thing is accomplished by our efforts, then next thing that comes to our mind straight away is matching of both the charts, astrologically.

In astrology, there are various things that had to be looked in order to say about marriage compatibility and that are:-

  1. Ashtkootguna Matching
  2. Condition of 5th and 7th house
  3. Condition of Venus and Jupiter which happens to be natural Karak of marriage-related matters
  4. Manglik dosa

Overall, by judging each and everything in both the charts, compatibility can be judged which is a quite tedious process but will help you as far as horoscope matching is concerned.

In this report, after analyzing all these things, we will give results whether a match is favorable or not for marriage purpose.

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