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Moon and Rahu Conjunction

Moon and Rahu Conjunction


Moon is considered as a natural beneficiaries planet. Moon represents our mind , mother , our learning capacity , emotions , mental conditions , intelligence , our love for beautiful things , shows water etc. The moon is the fastest moving in the 9 planets and take approx. 2 & half days to travel a sign. A strong moon signifies a great strength in the chart and help to face the problems in life and you know moon is gentle , sensitive & caring planet.

A strong moon in the chart also reflects mental & psychological stability , good concentration and capacity of well being and emotional satisfaction. When moon comes in conjunction with Rahu in the The horoscope it gets afflicted.


Rahu is one of the most malefic planet in the horoscope . Rahu is not an actual planet , in the base of Hindu mythology . It takes approx. 1 & half years to travel a sign and it always moves in retrograde positions. Rahu shows the character of thieves , jails , criminals etc. It is the other hand represents our thought structure , air element , thinking process, illusion , drugs ,deception , expansion and its placement explains about key focus areas in the our life. Rahu craves for pleasures and is never satisfied with gains . Their ambitions never seems to be fulfilled and success in politics are granted by this planet.

Moon & Rahu Conjunction

The moon & Rahu conjunction have a great psychological effect . This effects shows a person in childhood to have great anger , fear of unknown , aggression and scary dreams. When Rahu conjuncts the moon in the horoscope it is called Grahan yog . If it happens the person will have financial problems & mental problems .

When the moon and Rahu are in conjunction or together in birth chart , Rahu amplifies the qualities of the moon . These people are very immature about the emotions and they don’t know how to control emotions. Their reactions is very extreme . These people are very sensitive and do not focused .in this conjunction it can amplify fear ,anxiety and unusual depression. These people have unrealistic expectations for themselves and other and when they do not come true , they go into a depression and emotional.

Malefic Effects Of Rahu & Moon Conjunction

  1. Grahan yog:- Rahu and moon in 1st house leads to unstable mind , weak personality, emotionally unstable . No matter how much intelligent one may be one will surely loose its energy.
  1. Rahu and moon conjunction is very harmful for mother . She may face health issues . Mental anxieties as the person grows up .

Benefic effects of Rahu & moon conjunction

1.intutive ability:- When moon is strong in its own sign & Rahu is on dim side . One is blessed with great mental ability and Intutive abilities.

2.success in the information on technology , all computers ,researchers.

The Effects Of This Conjunction Will Depend In Which House The Conjunction it is situated.

~ Richa Yadav


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