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Moon in Aries

Moon in Aries

Moon in Aries in general terms will make one emotional but make one possessive too. Constant mood swings will be there in a person and it will be a perfect mix of aggression and calmness. From Astrology point of view. Moon in Aries results will differ from ascendant to ascendant.

Let’s try to analyze Moon in Aries results for different ascendant:

Aries ascendant

Moon in 1st house being 4th house lord and this placement will be good for domestic happiness, property gains, gains from mother side. This placement will also be good from an academic education point of view. One will be emotional regarding domestic matters.

Taurus ascendant

Moon in 12th house is 3rd house lord which might lead to foreign journeys. One will gain in foreign countries through effective communication. Work in regards to food processing, dairy products, liquid items will be fruitful.

Gemini ascendant

Moon in 11th house is 2nd house lord will bring financial gains in the family which might be through family business or investing money in various instruments smartly. One will gain respect in the social circle due to a stronger financial life.

Cancer ascendant

Moon in 10th house is 1st house lord will bring domestic happiness, property gains, and better professional life. One will get name, fame and better recognition in professional life.

Leo ascendant

Moon in 9th house being 12th house lord will be helpful in foreign journeys and one will get name and fame in foreign countries.

Virgo ascendant

Moon in 8th house being 11th house lord will bring financial hardships and social life will be damaged due to money matters. One had to take proper care of money and try that due to money, problems do not come in life.

Libra ascendant

Moon in 7th house is 10th house lord will bring marital happiness due to professional life. One might be in partnership business.

Scorpio ascendant

Moon in 6th house being 9th house lord will bring negativity in life and mind will remain in stress due to hectic professional life or results will not come on that level as it is expected. Overall health problems due to workplace stress can come in life.

Sagittarius ascendant

Moon in 5th house being 8th house lord will be good for inheritance gains to your child. There can be unexpected gains in higher education for the native.

Capricorn ascendant

Moon in 4th house being 7th house lord will be good for domestic happiness and property gains. Professional life will be better after marriage.

Aquarius Ascendant

Moon in 3rd house being 6th house lord will be bad as negative thinking will be more in the native. One will invite problems for self due to wrong decisions taken in life.

Pisces ascendant

Moon in 2nd house being 5th house lord will be good for money and family matters. One will get speculative gains and success in higher education too. One speech will be softer too.

Please note that these are the general predictions in regards to Moon in Aries and results will vary which will depend upon the aspects and conjunctions to Moon in the birth chart.

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