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Moon in Leo

Moon in Leo

Moon in Leo can give good as well as bad results which will change from ascendant to ascendant however in general terms it will make one emotional and will be expressive and bit of aggression too as Leo is a fiery sign and Moon is a calmer planet and thus one will be a mix of calmness but make one aggressive on a very quicker note.

Let try to find Moon in Leo results from ascendant to ascendant

Aries Ascendant

Moon in 5th house is 4th house lord will be good in regards to domestic happiness, property gains, child happiness and in regards to love life. One higher education will be quite good which will pave the way for financial gains.

Taurus Ascendant

Moon in 4th house is 3rd house lord will make and shift one energy in maintaining domestic happiness and to make professional life much more better by self-efforts. One will make property through own efforts and will put hard efforts in initial education to go ahead in life.

Gemini Ascendant

Moon in 3rd house being 2nd house lord will leads to short travels in relation to better financial life and for better family life. One had to see and sign documents with care by reading all points carefully. One had to put harder efforts for making financial and family life better. One had to shed aggression and think twice before speaking for a better family life.

Cancer Ascendant

Moon in 2nd house being 1st house lord will be good in regards to family life, financial life and for better initial education. One speech will rise in status and authority.

Leo Ascendant

Moon in 1st house being 12th house lord might leads to expenses on a higher note. There is a need to curb unnecessary expenses for the betterment and try to see and take better care of health matters.

Virgo Ascendant

Moon in 12th house is 11th house lord might give chances to earn bread and butter in foreign countries provided ascendant lord and 12th house lord are making a connection in good houses. One social life and status will rise higher in foreign countries.

Libra Ascendant

Moon in 11th house being 10th house lord will be quite good in regards to professional and financial life. One will able to strengthen financial life through professional life. One social life and a rise in status will be there.

Scorpio Ascendant

Moon in 10th house being 9th house lord will be good in regards to professional life and luck will give ample support in building professional life provided Sun is in a good house and in a stronger position. One will go for longer trips in connection to the profession.

Sagittarius Ascendant

Moon in 9th house being 8th house lord will be quite good in regards to inheritance gains but one had to see and take care of father's health and one had to put more effort in order to get support from luck.

Capricorn Ascendant

Moon in 8th house is 7th house lord will be bad in regards to marital life. One might have difference in opinions between business partners.

Aquarius Ascendant

Moon in 7th house being 6th house lord will be bad in regards to marital life and court cases or health problems can come in marital life. Professional stress can affect marital happiness.

Pisces Ascendant

Moon in 6th house being 5th house lord will be good to get success in competition but one love life can be bad and one had to study harder to get good results in higher studies.

Please note that these are general predictions for Moon in Leo and results can vary which will depend upon the birth chart.

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