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Name Analysis Report
Name Analysis Report

If we talk about astrology, as like birth chart , name also holds important place as if name is not throwing positive vibes as according to our date of birth , negativity can come in life , however we do not give much importance to our name analysis but if we change our name in such a way that positive energy starts to come in , it will give lot of relief to us.

Further at times , we are quite confused about what will be the name of company such that business inflows will be higher . In that case , name analysis can play a crucial role in deciding name of the company such that business remain healthy.

Take the example of Krishna , famous comedian of Indian Industry who after changing alphabets in his name is getting name , fame and good amount of work . Overall , it can be judged that name change can attract positive vibes by which we can go higher in life.

If you want to know , whether your name requires alteration or not , you can take our name analysis services such that to bring positivity in life.

In this report , if name requires alteration , it will be told to you else other astrology remedies will be prescribed to you based on your queries.

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Detailed Name Analysis
Detailed Name Analysis

In Detailed name analysis report, we will be providing following things to you :-

Correct name that will be good for positive vibes, if there is need to change that?

Positive numbers that will be good for you.

Positive colour that will be suitable to you.

Astrology remedies to enhance your life

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