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Pearl Gemstone

Pearl or Pearl jam or Pearl gem

Pearl is gemstone that is worn for Moon to give power to weak moon in chart. Pearl jam is known by various names in Sanskrit as mukta, muktaphal, shasiratna, chandratna and shashipriya. In Urdu it is called as mukharid and in latin is called as margarita.

Pearl jam is pure white shining gem that cool our senses.

Pearl characteristics

There are other variants of pearl jam (pearl gem) like shining Oyster, chandrakanta(Moonstone) as well as opal. In ancient times , pearl were found at eight place and got various names due to uniqueness of the region and namely:

Singhalak desh: These pearls are of different shapes and are massive.

Taamraporny:  These kind of pearls are red and white in colour and have serene look.

Parlok desh : These pearls were black , white , yellow shades and uneven.

Sourashtra desh :These pearls were neither massive nor smaller but are quite smoother.

Parshav desh :These pearls were quite brighter and massive too.

Heem desh : These pearls were tiny , soft and easily breakable but are of best quality.

Kauber desh : These pearls were uneven , black , white light and brightly coloured.

Pandya desh: These pearls were found in bigger as well as in minute size.

Pearls found in various countries:

Pearl found in Persian gulf in Iran are of quite good quality. Further, pearl found in Australia are also of high quality . Pearls found in Shillong in India are also of high quality pearl. Pearls of Mexican gulf are highly good too. Care had to be taken that Pearl should be kept away from acids as they easily form marks and scratches.

Pearls from different countries:

Persian Gulf: These pearls come from Basra .These are of best quality and are highly durable.

Venezuela pearl: These kind of pearls are less rounded but quite whiter.

Mexico pearl : This pearl have black shades but are quite brighter and soothing to eyes.

Pearls from Bay of Bengal: This pearls have pinkish shades but becomes white soon when comes in contact with sweat .

Australian pearls : This pearls are white but are not that good looking but are of good quality.

Pearl from south India: These pearls are also of good quality.

Moonstone meaning

Moonstones are form of pearl which have white complexion, smooth lines, cool and soothing to our eyes which pacifies our mind. Moonstone can be milky white , pink , yellow or bluish . It appears to retain water inside in moonlit night.

Now to give strength to weaker Moon, we can wear moonstone. Moon gemstone is Pearl which is also called with varied names as moonstone, china pearl but end result of moon gemstone is to give power to weak or afflicted Moon in birth chart.

Now, foremost question that comes to our mind is who can wear moonstone, what are moonstone benefits?

To answer this question, we had to look Moon functional nature, which varies from ascendant to ascendant . For some ascendant, Moon is benefic and to some is malefic. Moon position in chart will determine, whether pearl jam can be worn or not?

Let analyse, pearl jam(gem) can be worn for which ascendants?

Note: Do not wear gemstones of two enemy planets simultaneously like Sun and Saturn, Saturn and Moon and so on and so forth.

Can pearl be worn for Aries ascendant?

Moon is 4th house lord for Aries ascendant. As Moon is friendlier to Mars , Pearl jam can be worn for Aries , especially , when Moon is afflicted or weaker in birth chart . Pearl gem will give strength to weaker Moon, afflicted Moon or when Moon is placed well in good houses in birth chart.

Moonstone benefits:

Mother happiness

Property gains

Family comforts

Gains from agriculture

Domestic happiness

Better education

Can pearl jam be worn for Taurus ascendant?

As Moon is 3rd house lord (Tridasya house – bad house), pearl gem had to be avoided for betterment of Taurus natives. Wearing pearl can give following bad effects to native, which will depend upon Moon condition in birth chart and that are :

Reduction in mother happiness

Misunderstandings between siblings

Mental tensions and anxieties

Communication problems

Signing documents with negligence

Lack of courage

Can pearl gem be worn for Gemini ascendant?

We had to judge condition of Moon before prescribing pearl gemstone. If Moon is placed in good houses and is getting functional benefic aspect of Mercury , Venus or Saturn , then pearl jam can be worn else it had to be avoided by Gemini natives.

Moonstone benefits in above case are:

Good financial life

Good family life

Mother happiness

Better speech

Gains from investments

Can pearl jam be worn for cancer ascendant?

As Moon is ascendant lord , Pearl gemstone will be good for all round progress of cancer natives. Pearl gem will give strength to weak Moon , afflicted Moon or already powerful Moon in birth chart to bring happiness in life of cancer ascendant natives.

Moonstone benefits:

Mother happiness

Family comforts

Better financial life

Better family life

Better education

Overall improvement

Can pearl jam be worn for Leo ascendant?

Moon is 12th house lord for Leo natives. 12th house is bad house in astrology and thus pearl should be avoided for Leo else it might give bad results to native.

Bad results of pearl are:

Bad financial life

Enemies might harm

Too many expenses

Health problems

Mother health problems

Can pearl jam be worn for Virgo ascendant?

As Moon is 11th house lord (Tridasya lord ) , pearl had to be avoided but if Moon is placed in good house and is getting aspect of stronger Mercury or Venus in chart , then pearl can be worn for some time .

In above case, pearl benefits are:

Good financial life

Help from friends

Better social life

Gain of luxuries

Better family comforts

Can pearl jam be worn for Libra ascendant?

Moon is 10th house lord for Libra ascendant natives . If Moon is of shukla paksha (brighter half of hindu calendar) and Moon is placed in good houses and is getting aspect of Venus or Saturn, then Pearl can be worn for some time for better results.

In above case, pearl good results will be:

Good professional life

Better name & fame

Family comforts

Better financial life

Can pearl jam be worn for Scorpio ascendant?

Moon is 9th house (Trine house) lord and Trine house lords generally give good results to native , unless and until , they are afflicted or weaker in chart and hence pearl will suits Scorpio natives and will bring good results to native.

Pearl benefits:

Family comforts

Domestic happiness

Better Luck prospects

Family travels

Better success in education

Father happiness

Gains from spirituality

Can pearl be worn for Sagittarius ascendant?

Moon is 8th house lord (bad house) and thus pearl should be avoided for Sagittarius ascendant natives. Pearl can give following bad results and that are:-


Bad mother health


Enemies can harm




Bad health

Mental tensions and worries


Can pearl gem be worn for Capricorn ascendant?

Moon is 7th house lord for Capricorn and pearl gemstone can be worn for limited period of time , if Moon is posited in good house and is getting aspect of stronger Mercury , Venus or Saturn in chart .

In above case, Pearl benefits would be:

Better marital life

Better success in partnership business

Family comforts

Can pearl jam be worn for Aquarius ascendant?

Moon is 6th house lord . 6th house is bad house in astrology and thus Moon gemstone should be avoided for betterment of Aquarius natives.

Pearl bad results:

Mother bad health

Problems at work place

Bad health for native



Enemies might harm native

Can Moon gemstone be worn for Pisces ascendant?

Moon is 5th house(Trine house-good house) lord and 5th house lord planet give good results , unless and until are afflicted in birth chart .

Pearl stone benefits :

Child happiness

Better Love life

Better Education

Better financial life

In which finger Pearl gemstone had to be worn?

Pearl gem can be worn in little or ring finger.

When Moonstone can be worn?

Pearl can be worn on Monday morning in shukla paksh(brighter half of Hindu calendar).

Purification process of Pearl

Pearl had to be kept in mixture of ganga jal , honey and unboiled milk . If ganga jal is not available , then pure water can be used. Pearl had to be kept in mixture on Sunday evening and on Monday morning , take Pearl out and gently wipe with neat cloth and after energising pearl , native can wear pearl.

How pearl gemstone can be energised?

After purification process , native had to keep Lord Moon deity in front, lit incense sticks and recite Moon beeja mantra “Om Shram Shreem Shroum sah chandraye namah” 108 times , however in energisation process , we can commit mistakes and thus it would be better to get energised gemstone.

Pearl gemstone metal:

Pearl can be worn in silver metal.

Should Pearl be worn in ring or in locket?

It will be better to wear Moon gemstone in ring as Pearl will have direct and stable contact with skin.

What should be Pearl weight?

Generally, Pearl weight should be in between 5-7 carats.

We do provide Pearl online to our clients , which can only be prescribed after looking birth chart. We provide Pearl stone online to our clients , which is energised by 1,25,000 mantras such that Pearl gemstone can benefit native. If you want to take Pearl jam from us , you can order gemstone recommendation report and if Pearl suits you , it can be ordered at

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