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Pisces Horoscope

Birth Dates Range:   Feb 19 - Mar 19
Zodiac Sign Grouping:   Water
Characteristic Feature:   Mutable
Lucky Colors:   Aquamarine, pure white, mauve, purple, violet, silver, soft sea green
Lucky Days:   Thursday
Lucky Numbers:   07
Ruler of the zodiac sign:   Neptune and Jupiter
Strengths:   Sympathetic, creative, spontaneous, calm, astute, musical
Weaknesses:   Scared, melancholic, depressed, unrealistic, easily victimized
Likes:   Solitary life, resting, listening to classical music, romance, spirituality, visual art
Dislikes:   Criticisms, violence, I know everything temperament, memories of the past life

Pisces Horoscope

Here we will be using Pisces horoscope instead of Ascendant as this are the generalized predictions and can vary from individual to individual which is further based on personal accurate birth details to get exact predictions.

Pisces is the final sign of the Zodiac, i.e. it is the 12th in line. It starts from 330 degrees of Vernal Equinox and extends up to 360 degrees. Watery by nature, mutable and feminine, Pisces is a sign of short ascension. Sign Pisces is also termed as cold, fruitful and bicorporal. Pisces born are usually surrounded by mysteries, fantasy, and dreams. They feel things deeply and quite often they keep on absorbing the emotions of people around them. They need to explore their world through their emotions. They are very impressionable and moody. Their looks are very compelling. One look from them can melt even the stoniest of hearts. Most of them are born with deep intuitive sense even if it's latent. Sign Pisces is ruled by the planet Neptune - a planet of illusion that deconstructs reality and takes 168 years to orbit the Sun. It stays in a sign for 14 years. Classically, it is associated with idealism, dreams, escapism, and self-destruction. Its positive influence in the chart can help an individual to create beautiful things but in negative terms, it can lead to deception, fantasy, addiction, and pretense. The sign is represented by two fishes tied together and swimming in the opposite direction. The Glyph represents a versatile, fluid nature of Pisces.

Pisces Characteristics Horoscope

Pisces are highly friendly with others and so it is natural to find them in the company of people. These selfless individuals always look forward to opportunities to help others. Most times, they are sacrificial in nature not expecting anything in return for the favors they extend. Ruled by Neptune, these are highly intuitive people endowed with great artistic talents. They love music and you find great singers born in this zodiac sign. Pisceans are highly caring, compassionate, generous and very loyal. They can form a great emotional bond with people. In order to win the attention of others, often they are highly willing to become martyrs. They are highly tolerant people and can easily forgive others.

Pisces Love and Marriage Horoscope

When it comes to love life, Pisceans can provide a highly caring and passionate partner. They are highly romantic and look forward to a highly sensuous relationship. These people are very loyal, highly generous and gentle with their partners with lesser chances for disputes and disagreements. They have a huge need to feel a true connection with their partners. Sometimes, they yield easily for short term relationships and love adventures in their enthusiastic zeal to meet the needs of their contacts. It is rare to find individuals who can be more caring for their partners.

Pisces Family and Friends Horoscope

Pisceans are gentle individuals and are number one on the earth when it comes to loving and caring. In love life and family life, they are sacrificial that they are willing to put the needs of others in front of their own needs. These loyal, devoted, faithful and highly empathetic individuals will volunteer to solve any issues they find between their family members, close friends, and relatives. Highly intuitive in nature, Pisceans can easily sense what is going to happen in the future. They are highly expressive and will never hesitate to share their feelings with others. In the same way, they always give priority to frankness in relationships. For them, good communication with the beloved ones is of top priority in life.

Pisces Career Horoscope

Pisceans will shine in careers that give vent to their creative abilities and imaginative power. When it comes to charitable causes, Pisceans can make a passionate contribution by becoming a part of an organization. Some good career options for Pisceans include law, architecture, medicine, music, social work, and game designing. Pisceans have a zealous interest in bringing some changes in the lives of people they love. To this end, they are more than willing to do great sacrifices. When focused on their goals, they will amass enough money to achieve them easily. They will never fall short of money for a decent life.

Functional Benefic Planet For Pisces Horoscope

For Pisces astrology, these are functional benefic planets which give results as according to there placements, aspects and conjunction and they are:-

Mars being the 9th house lord which is Trine house (1st, 5th, and 9th houses are the trine houses) and hence it is a benefic planet. Here, Manglik dosa, which is feared in India will not be applicable for Pisces ascendant natives, provided Mars is strong and not placed in bad houses due to the fact that Mars is a functional benefic planet and thus Mars will not give its bad effect to Pisces person.

Jupiter as its being the ascendant lord which itself is Trine and Quadrant house ( 1st , 4th , 7th and 10th houses are quadrant houses ) and its hence, stronger functional benefic planet for Pisces natives.

Moon is natural benefic planet if it is waxing Moon ( from No moon to Full moon ) . Further , it will be benefic planet as it is 5th house lord .

Malefic Planet For Pisces Horoscope Are:- 

Saturn will be the most malefic planet due to the fact that its Mooltrikona sign lies in 12th house and other sign lies in 11th house ( 3rd , 6th and 11th houses are tridasya houses ) and simultaneously own 11th  house as well , which is again tridasya house in astrology will work as most malefic planet for Pisces horoscope and can destroy significations of other houses too as at where it is being placed , until and unless , stronger functional benefic planets do not cast its aspect or associated with Saturn in good houses .

Venus is the most malefic planet for Pisces as it is the 3rd  and 8th house lord. According to Maharashi Parashara who is the greatest Astrologer had said that as 8th is tridasya lord ( 3rd , 6th and 11th houses are tridasya houses ) and as like Saturn , it will be most destructive planet for Pisces Zodiac sign native .

Mercury will be acting as Neutral planet being the 4th and 7th house lord and its results will basically relies on its association and aspects , which is getting in the chart . Mercury is afflicted with Kendradhipathi dosa which signifies that natural benefic planets in Kendra tends to behave malefic and malefic planets in Kendra tends to behave benefic but here Mercury will not be malefic till the time another functional malefic planet aspects or be in association with Mercury  . If Mercury is associated with functional benefic planet in good houses , then Mercury tends to behave functional benefic in chart .

Sun will also act a functional malefic planet being 6th house lord for Pisces sign.

Rahu and Ketu are always malefic for each and every horoscope and tends to give results as according to there depositor planet ( sign lord of Rahu and Ketu respectively ) and results of the associating planet in the chart . 

Pisces Horoscope For Education : 

2nd and 4th houses are prime houses for initial education. If Jupiter and Mercury are placed in good houses in chart , then it will be a good combination and initial education will be quite good and stronger , provided there is no functional malefic planet aspect on to this houses or planets .

If contrary, this two planets are placed in ( bad house ) then initial education will tend to suffer and obstructions will be there in education matters for Pisces Zodiac sign natives.

Jupiter association with Moon in good houses will also be quite good for the Pisces sign native .

Jupiter association with Venus will be bad for initial education.

Jupiter association with Saturn will also be bad for initial education.

Jupiter association with Sun might give health problems to Native which might obstruct studies to some extent.

5th house signifies “Higher Education “. If 5th house lord , Moon is placed in 5th house itself , then Moon alone will be able to give good results as far as higher education is concerned as Moon is functional benefic planet in chart and one might become Army person , Police men, Teacher , Priest , Professor , Nursing , Chemist , might work for charitable institutions too. 

Pisces Horoscope For Finance, Money

2nd house is the house that signifies “Investments & Money “ . 11th house is the house that signifies “Financial Gains “. Here , if 2nd house lord , Mars is placed in quadrant or in Trine houses along with Jupiter  , it will create “Dhan Yoga (Money Yoga ) which will bestows good results in Jupiter or Mars main period (Dasha) or sub period (Antardasa) respectively .

Gajkesari formation here will bring good results provided , Moon and Jupiter are not placed in bad houses or not getting any malefic aspect . 11th house lord is Saturn and as already stated will act as a malefic planet. If Venus is associated with Saturn , it will be bad for financial gains because here Saturn and Venus , both are functional malefic planet for Pisces sign natives.

Here on the other hand , if Saturn is associated with Mars in bad house , then also darker side of the Saturn will come into picture being associated with natural enemy planet Mars . However , Jupiter is giving aspect to Saturn and Mars and both this planets are placed in quadrants , then , chances of financial gains can come to Pisces Zodiac sign native.

Saturn association with Sun will also be bad for finances of the natives and will be bad for native father health.

Saturn association with Nodes , will also be bad for native health and finances.

It can be noted here that how placement of planet in good and bad houses alter the results for the native. 

Pisces Horoscope For Property:

4th house is the house that signifies gains in relation to immovable assets . 4th house lord , Mercury  , if posited along with Mars (which itself is natural significator (karaka ) of immovable assets ) in quadrants and Jupiter as being the ascendant lord give aspect to Mars and Mercury will result in gains in relation to Immovable assets in main period or sub periods of Jupiter and Mars or Jupiter –Mercury or in Mercury-Mars period –sub periods .

However , if Mars or Mercury are placed with Venus in any bad houses , then there will be loss of family happiness and obstructions will come in gaining of immovable assets as Venus is functional malefic planet for Pisces Native.

Here Saturn association with Mars will also be bad for the native, health wise but property gains might be possible , if stronger Jupiter is giving aspect to Mars and Saturn and both this planets are placed in good houses .

Pisces Horoscope For Siblings :

Here Venus is the lord  of 3rd house ( house of younger brother ) and Mercury is itself significator of “Sisters” . Here , if Venus is placed in Trine house with Jupiter , one will have good relations with his/her younger brother and sisters too , provided there younger brother and Sisters charts , 3rd house is neat and clean and is not afflicted . Aspects should be stronger such that negativity of Venus can be curbed here.

If Saturn and Venus are posited in bad houses , relations will be bad which might be due to finances or Money as Saturn is 11th  house lord which is the  “House of financial gains”. Overall , placement , association and aspects had to be studied for good or bad results. 

Pisces Horoscope For Children

5th house is the house that signifies children area for Pisces . If 5th house lord , Moon  is associated with Jupiter ,”Gajkesari yoga” will form here and one child will be educated , knowledgeable , lovable , caring and affectionate as Jupiter and Moon are functional benefics as well as natural friends too .

If however , this planets are placed in bad houses , then one relation with his /her child might suffers but if proper efforts are made , then results can become better .

If however, Moon  is placed with Saturn in bad houses , then here Saturn bad side will be reflected and there might be difference of opinion between parents and child on smaller things and results might not be good as far as child matters are concerned. There might be mental tensions and anxieties in relation to child matters . One had to take care of his/her mother health too as Moon is karaka of “Mother “ too.

One also had to pay attention on to his/her child such that He/She do not go in bad company in longer run.

Pisces Horoscope For Health

6th house is the house that signifies “Health” . Here Venus, which is the most malefic planet for Pisces horoscope , if posited with Sun in ( bad house ) , then one health will suffer and He/She had to take proper care of health in his/her life time .

Saturn involvement with Sun will also be bad for the health of the Pisces Zodiac sign native.

If Sun is situated with Jupiter in good houses and Mars is also giving aspect to Sun , on a general note , one health will be good but to assess health , conditions of other planets and ongoing dasa-antradasa had to looked as well to get clear picture in relation to health.

Pisces Horoscope For Marriage, Pisces Love Horoscope

7th house is the house in relation to “Marital life “. Here Mercury is suffering from “Kendradhipati dosa “ but if Mercury is placed in own sign in 4th or in 7th house , here “Bhadra Yoga “ will form and by getting aspects of any functional benefic planet , then one marital life will be quite good and will be like adding cherries to the cake.

On the other hand , if Venus is posited with Mercury in bad house , then one marital life will suffer or health conditions of spouse might go down . There might be issues and quarrels on smaller things which had to be avoided for better marital life .

Association of Saturn with Mercury will also be bad for the marital life of the native. This combination shows the need for matching charts for marital smoothness. 

Pisces Horoscope For Inheritance

8th house is the house that signifies “Inheritance matters “. Here Jupiter which is ascendant lord too, if posited with Venus in good houses without any affliction of Nodes and getting aspects of Mars as well , then one can gain from “Inheritance matters “ too .

On the flip side to it , If Venus is posited with Saturn in bad houses or with Sun in bad houses , then one have to remain careful as there might be inheritance issues or there might be no inheritance at all for Pisces sign natives.

It can be seen here that how with aspects, conjunction and placement ,planets change there tendencies.

Pisces Horoscope For  Litigation

6th house is the house that signifies “Litigation Matters “. Here 6th house lord Sun , if posited along with Saturn in bad houses , then one might had to suffer allegations or might had to see court in his/her life time . In this case , one had to avoid all those kind of things that can give them disgrace or dejections .

If Venus is associated with Sun , then court case might be in relation to his/her marital life or in relation to inheritance matters where as Sun association with Saturn in bad house might give court case in relation to property matters as Saturn is karaka of “Immovable assets “ or in relation to Money matters .

If Sun is associated with stronger Jupiter in good houses , then Jupiter will negate the evil effects of Sun and one will be free from “Litigation “ or even litigation comes , chances of success will be there in longer run.

Pisces Horoscope For Career ,Pisces Career Horoscope

10th house is the house that signifies “Professional life “. If 10th house lord , Jupiter is placed in own sign in 1st or in 10th house , then in both this cases , one professional life will be quite good in longer run as here “Hamsa Yoga “ will be forming for the Pisces sign native.

If Mercury is associated with Jupiter , native will able to make immovable assets with the help of professional income .

If Jupiter is associated with Sun in good houses and is not combust , then one will have smooth relations with co-workers.

If Jupiter is associated with Venus in bad houses , it will be bad for professional life and transfers in relation to job might be seen as well or lot of traveling will come in relation to professional life that will affect Pisces sign native health too.

Jupiter association with Saturn will also make professional life full of struggles and proper growth will be harder to come by as Saturn is functional malefic planet for Pisces. At times, delays in good results might be there in one professional life .

Pisces Horoscope For Ravels

The 12th house is the house that signifies “Traveling abroad “. If Jupiter which itself is natural Karak of traveling is posited with Mars in 9th house, then one will get chances of traveling abroad especially in connection to family travels.

Stronger Jupiter aspects of the 12th house might also give traveling abroad.

If on the other hand, Jupiter is placed in bad houses along with Venus or with Saturn, then obstructions will come for going abroad or even if one gets the chances of traveling abroad, the journey might not be a fruitful one.

Colors That Are Suited For Pisces Zodiac Sign

Red, Orange, Yellow

Numbers That Are Good For Pisces Zodiac Sign

1, 2, 3, 9 , 10 , 11, 12 , 18 , 20

Favorable Week Days For Pisces Zodiac Sign

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

Remedies For Pisces Zodiac Sign

Though remedies can be prescribed only after looking birth chart this is the general remedies that can strengthen Pisces chart and they are:-

Reciting or Listening Durga Shaptshati chapters on Friday

Donating oil on Saturday.

-By Brij Pandey