Planets and Profession Astrology-Vedic Astrology Career Analysis

Planets and Profession Astrology | Vedic Astrology Career Analysis | Planet significations (characteristics) in career Astrology

Vedic astrology revolves around 9 planets, 12 houses and 12 signs apart from nakshatras too. Planets placement, aspects or conjunctions in a particular house and their role for ascendant to ascendant change their functional role in the birth chart.

In career astrology, every planet signifies one or more career area which will be good or bad as according to the condition of that planet in the birth chart.

With the birth chart, through analysis of D10 chart (Divisional chart for career) is must such that to reach conclusions on career matters in Vedic astrology.

Let’s find out role and significations of a planet in Vedic astrology from a career point of view.


Sun is termed as King in Vedic astrology. Sun is the planet that is the soul and gives light such that everything can survive in this Universe. Sun signifies following things in career horoscope.

Sun signification in career astrology






High position in the company

Government job




If Sun is in a good position in birth chart, one can go higher in life and if Raj-yoga is also indicated in the chart, then one can even reach to higher government posts but weak Sun will give trouble from government authorities and stability in a job will be harder to come by.


Moon is referred to as queen in Vedic astrology. Moon signifies following things in career horoscope.

Moon significations in career astrology


Fisher man

Navy officers

Marine engineering

Travelling job

Jobs that requires handing liquids


HR Department


Hospitality industry

Import export related work

Care taker

Children attendants

If Moon position is stronger and in connection with 10th house lord or with 10th house, one can opt for this kind of profession that can give name and fame in above mentioned fields.


Mars is a fiery planet that gives aggression, energy, stature and courage. Mars signifies following things in career horoscope and they are:

Mars significations in career astrology


Civil engineers



Paramilitary forces


Arms and Ammunition industry

Copper industry

Fire fighting units

Electrical engineer

If Mars is stronger in the chart and one is born with fiery ascendant with stronger divisional chart along with stronger Mars in D10 chart, then one can opt for above mentioned fields.


Mercury is a well known planet for speech, analytical, logical abilities, decision taking ability in tougher situations, wisdom and mental intellect. In career horoscope, Mercury signifies following things and that are:-

Mercury significations in career astrology

IT Industry

Publishing & Printing line

Content writing (Internet and Print media)



Stock market




PR management

Event management

MBA (Sales and Marketing)



Stronger Mercury in the birth chart and divisional chart, stronger 10th house and Stronger D10 chart will be helpful in making a career in above significations of Mercury.


Jupiter signifies happiness, luck, auspicious functions, knowledge, higher learning and is termed as a natural benefic planet in Vedic astrology. Jupiter signifies following things in career horoscope:

Jupiter significations in career astrology



Head of a religious institution


MBA (Finance)



Merchant banking

Banks PO

Banking clerk

If Jupiter position is good in the birth chart, D10 chart along with the 10th house and further D10 chart is stronger too, then one can make a career in above-mentioned fields.


Venus is the planet of luxuries, joy, entertainment, shopping, romance as well as signifies traveling Venus is the planet that adds materialistic things in life and one is more inclined to above things. In career horoscope, Venus signifies these things and they are:

Venus significations in career astrology

Hotel industry

Trainer in Dance institutes


Bollywood industry



News anchors

Branded cloth industry

Perfume industry

Jewellery design

Cosmetics Industry

If Venus is stronger in the birth chart and D10 chart along with the stronger 10th house of the birth chart along with stronger D10 chart, then one can opt for above significations to make a career in any of the following fields according to one’s interest.


Saturn is slowest of all planets in Vedic astrology and it takes a longer time to travel from one zodiac sign to another sign. Saturn is that kind of planet which gives slower results even if it is working positively in one horoscope. Saturn signifies following things in career horoscope and that are:

Saturn significations in Career astrology

Metal & Mining industry

Oil industry

Iron industry


Employees working at the back end

Call centre executives

Agriculture and allied activities

Civil engineer

Jail officer

Head of the labour union

If Saturn is positive in a birth chart along with 10th house and D10 chart is equally stronger, then one might or can go in above mentioned fields to make one career.


Rahu is a mysterious planet and it is the planet that never gives satisfaction and one always tried harder to get more. Rahu gives obsession, over confidence, instant gains, straight vision, unethical means to achieve work. Rahu signifies the following thing in career horoscope and that are:

Rahu signification in career astrology


CBI agents



Space engineering

Aircraft engineer

Electronics engineer



Foreign diplomats

Export house

Language translator

If Rahu is working positively in the birth chart, 10th house is stronger and D10 chart along with Rahu in D10 chart is stronger too, then one might go in any of the above fields to make one’s career.


Ketu is a spiritual planet that brings spirituality and is opposite to Rahu. While Rahu takes to materialistic things where as Ketu detaches from materialistic world. Ketu signifies following things in career horoscope

Ketu significations in career astrology

Spiritual leader


Working for a social down trodden person

Rural management

IT industry

Power sector


If Ketu is stronger, 9th and 10th house are stronger, the position of Ketu is stronger along with D10 chart, then one can make a career in the following fields mentioned above.

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