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Rahu in 1st House | Rahu in First House


Rahu is natural malefic planet in astrology . Rahu is termed as “Chhaya Grah “ which do not have any physical existence and do not come under the distinction of planet ., Rahu is termed as northen node in astrology . Rahu do not own any sign but is exalted in Taurus and debilitated in Scorpio . Rahu is the planet related to Materialism and is an illusionary planet . Rahu exaggerates the things and concerned house , where he sits in . Rahu signifies crime , CBI , Research organizations , electronics , online web , innovative techniques , space , engineering , competitions , zealously , hatred , food poisoning , headaches , diseases that are difficult to diagnose .

Rahu Results in 1st House

Generally , 1st house is the beginning of things or we can say start of life . In totality this house signifies health , name , fame , wealth as well as natural characteristics and traits of the person .

In General , Rahu benefic or malefic results will depend upon the condition of depositor planet ( sign lord of house , where Rahu is placed ) and associations with planets in particular house . If that depositor planet is strong and placed in good house , then Rahu results in 1st house will be quite good else results will be malefic one .

If Rahu is benefic in chart , then one will have good traits to take good decisions in tougher situations . By way of manipulation , native can take advantage of situation . One aspirations will be quite higher and will act accordingly to pursuit goals .

Rahu effects in First House

One have robust health and one might get name , fame and wealth in foreign countries .

If 7th house is in good condition , then marital life will be quite good as well .

One will have innovative ideas and will aim to reach on top in no matter time . One will be good with good persons and bad with bad persons . Due to strong effects of Rahu , one will tackle pressureful situations with ease as well . One will be tougher from outside but softer from inside .

One mental intellect will be sharper and will attain luxurious items in life . One will be materialistic and will put each and every efforts to get maximum out of life.

Rahu Transits in 1st House

One will handle enemies on better note be it is in personal or in professional life .

One paradigm will be shifted on to materialistic side , however , benefic Rahu will leads to give better luxurious life to the native .

On the other hand , if Rahu is malefic in chart , then one might indulge in bad company and might do unethical things to pursuit goals in life . Native do not mind in taking wrong actions to get wealth in life . Overall , if 6th house is weaker in chart , due to rahu negativity , one might falls in court cases or land in disputes .

Rahu Placements in First House

One might feel stress and tensions in life and health might go downwards too.

One marital life will also go downwards and enemies might rise in one life .

One might remain in confusing state as what is good and what is bad in life . Enemies might take advantage as well .Pressures in financial life , professional life and personal life will increase manifold , if ascendant lord is weaker too.

Overall , remedies of Rahu and self constraint will be necessary in order to curb bad effects of Rahu .

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