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Rahu in 2nd House | Rahu in Second House

Rahu Results in 2nd House

2nd house is the house in relation to family life , finances , stocks , investments , speech , eating habits and initial education.

If Rahu depositor is in good place and Rahu is placed in friendly sign and friendlier to ascendant lord , then one will get good amount of money through various investments . One will take good decisions as far as investments matters are concerned and will make better money in longer run .

One speech will be quite good and by intellectual and manipulative techniques, one will able to impress others and will be good in relation to financial life .

One will make enough money from stock market provided , Mercury is stronger in chart too.

One eating habits will be quite good as well , which will be good thing as far as health part is concerned as taking good diet is essential for better health .

One family life will be quite good as well and will enjoy luxuries in life .

One initial education will be quite better too .

On the other hand , if Rahu is malefic in chart , then one will face pressures in financial life . One might take bad decisions in relation to investment and end result will be in losses in financial life .

One might adopt wrong tactics in making money that will be bad in relation to name and fame in longer run .

One initial education might be bad and might distort health too by negligence of good balanced diet . In extreme cases , one might addicted to liquor as well .

One family life will be tougher as well and misunderstandings in relation to money matters will increase too. There will be need to take collective decisions in family as far as money matters are concerned and there is need to give equal share in money matters to every member such that family happiness do not get broke in between.

Obstructions in relation to all above significations might be more due to malefic Rahu in chart

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