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Rahu in 8th House | Rahu in Eighth House

Rahu Results in 8th House

8th house is the house of disgrace , dejections , problems , worries , stress , tensions , aggression , wills , un-earned income , accidents and injuries too .

Overall , 8th house is termed as bad house in astrology and generally planets give bad results if posited in 8th house in birth chart .

Benefic Rahu in 8th house will be good for inheritance gains . Often , we had seen so many times , that one gets gains in relation to lotteries , gambling or without any efforts , one had inherited property from predecessors or from parents .

As far as gambling or lottery gains are concerned , it might be due to strong Rahu , 5th and 8th house .

As far as inheritance gains are concerned, it can be possible due to strong Rahu as well as 8th house . This good placements in chart might leads to financial gains which are coming without putting any efforts and Rahu had bigger role to play in this houses as Rahu is the planet that give sudden gains , provided , it is benefic in chart .

However , if Rahu is malefic in 8th house , then one health might be bad . One might remain sad , depressed , lonely . Obstructions might be more in life , which makes one aggressive and frustrated . One might go in bad company and can indulge in crime as well. Chances of injuries and accidents might be there as well .

One might also involve in disputes and might face litigation as well. One might involve in all kind of things that are not permissible by law like drug trafficking, money laundering , stealing , hurting others.

Bad Rahu in 8th house can effect longevity as well , if ascendant and 5th and 9th house lords are weaker in chart . There will be higher need to drive and walk carefully else injuries can come too.

Overall , Rahu remedies will be useful to reduce Rahu bad effects in 8th house .

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