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Rahu Mahadasha

Rahu Mahadasha

Rahu mahadasha normally last for 18 years. Rahu chariot is drawn by 8 black horses. Rahu is full of smoke and illusion. Rahu is north node known as Dragon’s head where ketu is south node known as Dragon’s tail.

Rahu ketu (swarbhanu) born of father viprachitti and mother sinhika. Which were later known as separately by their names. Both are malefic planets and always move in retrogade position. Where rahu is discussed where ketu will automatically comes in scenario. Both are 180 degree apart from each other. In hindu mythology, rahu is considered as a devta being asura known as rahu dev.

How rahu can be bad

Sudden loss of wealth is seen.

Rahu can cause imprisonment/ jail if it is placed badly in 12th Although 12th house is foreign lands too. Hence thus rahu can also help native to settle abroad.

Rahu can cause severe cancer disease.

Rahu being natural malefic is placed in natural benefic house such as 5th or 9th and is in conjunction with moon or sun or in conjunction with or aspected by lord or maarka house such as 2nd or 7th house it causes death in their dashas.

If any prolonged disease from which native is suffering it is purely an indication of bad rahu. Also miss happenings and destructive thinking is seen.

2nd house rahu can make native miss use of its knowledge specially in computers.

Rahu develops vaata dosha with anxiety and depression.

If rahu goes bad in 5th house can make person deal with progeny and abortions.

8th house rahu forms high pitra dosha. Hence exile, bad behaviour and settlement away in seen.

9th house rahu if goes bad then problems related to legs,knees and hips are seen.

Solutions and remedies of rahu

Donate cow.

Chant beej mantra of rahu.

If anyone born in gand mool nakshatra of rahu then should live away from parents till the age of 21.

Avoid non veg and recite hanuman chalisa regularly.

Give respect to your forefathers. Start giving donations on their names.

South west directions is governed by rahu, place rahu yatra their.

Use east side as much as possible except work.

Durga shaptashathi path is necessary.

Feed cows on amavasya.

Nav graha pooja one in a month with rudra abhishek canbe performed on monthly shivratri.

Perform rituals related to narsingh bhagwan.

Friends of rahu is venus,mercury,Saturn and ketu. Jupiter and mars are neutral where sun and moon are enemies. Rahu power cannot be measured by any bal wheather shad,drik or dig. In exceptional cases rahu can be yogakaarak planet for example rahu and venus sitting in 3rd house or any house of taurus sign together.

Except for 12th house because Venus is considered in good in 12th house but Rahu will eat away all its qualities. If degree of venus is adolescence then situation differs.

~Richa Yadav


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