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Ruby Gemstone


Ruby is gemstone for Sun and called by various names like Manik stone , padmaraag, lohit etc.

Ruby meaning

Ruby is gemstone for Sun that give power to weak Sun or give more strength to already benefic Sun in birth chart.

Ruby colour

Ruby has light red or rose colour. Its colour is like pigeon blood ruby or colour like pomegranate fruit.

As Sun is the king of all planets and Ruby gem is of Sun , Ruby too can be termed as king of navaratnas. In navratna ring, Ruby is kept in centre surrounded by other gemstones.

Ruby qualities

Ruby have a smooth glow, fresh red trace, rays coming from centre which is deep red.

Ruby colour

Ruby colour differs in different areas. Burmese ruby are not as deep as of Thailand version. Sri lankan ruby are slightly yellowish in colour. Best ruby are found in mogok region in Burma. In Burma, most of the ruby are found in mogok, chantboon, gibin and in bernar region.

Sun and Ruby

Sun is the planet that signifies father, prestige, honour , dignity, courage and energy levels. Further, Sun is karak of profession and Govt. job. Sun denotes leadership, politics, bureaucrats and politicians .

When Sun is stronger in chart , then one will get positive results in above mentioned significations but when Sun is weaker in chart , one had to face problems in relation to above mentioned significations . Further, one might had to face health problems like BP , fever , headaches , aggression and bone pain too .

Now to give strength to weaker Sun, we can wear Sun gemstone. Sun gemstone is Ruby which is also called as Red Ruby or Indian ruby too.

Now, foremost question that comes to our mind is who can wear Ruby gem, what are ruby stone benefits?

To answer this question, we had to look Sun functional nature, which varies from ascendant to ascendant . For some ascendant, Sun is benefic and to some is malefic. Sun position in chart will determine, whether ruby gemstone can be worn or not?

Let analyse, Ruby can be worn for which ascendants?

Note: Please note that no planet should be combusted in chart, if any planet is combusted in chart, avoid wearing Ruby.

Do not wear gemstones of two enemy planets simultaneously like Sun and Saturn, Saturn and Moon and so on and so forth.

Can Ruby be worn for Aries ascendant?

Sun is 5th house lord for Aries . 5th house is trine house (good house) and 5th house lord bring positive results to Aries native but it might be possible that Sun is weaker in chart being posited in bad house or with functional malefic planets . In that case there is need to give strength to Sun in form of wearing Ruby. By wearing Ruby gem will bring in positive results in related to 5th house and natural significations of Sun will get strength as well.

Ruby stone benefits:

Success in education

Helpful in progeny matters

Child happiness

Better love life

Success in speculation

Helpful in getting govt job or dealing with govt authorities

Giver of courage

Leadership abilities

Provider of energy

Helpful in profession

Better health

Father happiness

Can Ruby be worn for Taurus ascendant?

As Sun is enemy to Venus, Ruby stone had to be avoided but in extreme case, when Sun is posited in own house and is getting aspect of either Mercury ( non-combusted) or stronger Saturn , Ruby stone can be worn for some time to get good results in relation to 4th house but overall , Ruby had to be avoided for Taurus ascendant natives .

Can Ruby be worn for Gemini ascendant?

As Sun is 3rd house lord (Tridasya house – bad house), Ruby had to be avoided by Gemini natives else bad effects of 3rd house and natural significations of Sun in bad form will come into picture.

Can Ruby be worn for Cancer ascendant?

As Sun is 2nd house lord and Sun is friendly to Moon, Ruby will suits cancer ascendant natives. Wearing red Ruby will bring in following good results.

Ruby stone benefits:

Better family life

Better financial life

Better speech

Better intake of diet for good health

Gains from investments

Father happiness

Better success in profession

Leadership abilities


Can Ruby be worn for Leo ascendant?

Sun is ascendant lord and by wearing Ruby gem will bring in overall improvement for native as for any chart; ascendant and ascendant lord had to be stronger to get good results for that chart. By wearing Indian Ruby, Sun will get power to bring in good results for Leo ascendant natives.

Ruby stone benefits:

Better health

Gains from profession

Good for business


Govt. Job

Success in politics

Favour from govt. authorities

Father happiness

Success in competition

Luck prospects

Overall improvement

Can Ruby be worn for Virgo ascendant?

Sun is 12th house lord. 12th house is tic house( bad house) in astrology . As Sun is bad house lord , wearing Ruby here might bring in bad results for Virgo native and had to be avoided.

Ruby stone effects for Virgo native:

Losses and expenses

Health problems

Increase in aggression

Problems from govt authorities

Difference of opinion with father

Bad financial life

Problems in overseas travels

Can Ruby be worn for Libra ascendant?

Sun being 11th house lord (Tridasya house –bad house). Further, Sun is enemy to Venus and thus Ruby had to be avoided for Libra natives. Wearing Ruby might bring in bad effects to Libra natives.

Ruby stone effects

Recovering from health problems might take more time than longer

Financial problems

Problems with friends over money

Bad company

Bad social life

Obstructions in profession

Difference of opinion with father

Can Ruby be worn for Scorpio ascendant?

As Sun is 10th house lord and Sun is friendly to Mars, wearing Ruby will be good for Scorpio natives.

Ruby stone benefits for Scorpio:

Better professional life

Chances of getting govt. job

Favours from govt. authorities

Leadership abilities

Courage and energy

Success in politics

Father happiness

Name and fame

Can Ruby be worn for Sagittarius ascendant?

Sun is 9th house lord for Sagittarius. 9th house is trine house and 9th house lord give good results to native, unless and until, 9th house lord is weaker in chart.  Further, Sun is friendlier to Jupiter and thus Ruby will suit Sagittarius native.

Ruby stone benefits:

Luck prospects

Family travels

Father happiness



High energy levels

Better health

Can Ruby be worn for Capricorn ascendant?

Sun is enemy to Saturn and is 8th house lord for Capricorn. 8th house is bad house in astrology and hence Ruby had to be avoided for Capricorn ascendant natives.

Ruby bad effects for Capricorn natives




Enemies might harm


Health problems



Can Ruby be worn for Aquarius ascendant?

As Sun is enemy to Saturn, Ruby had to be avoided for Aquarius , however in extreme cases , if Sun is posited in own sign and Sun is getting aspect of Venus or Saturn , Ruby can be worn for smaller period of time but it would be better to avoid wearing Ruby by Aquarius natives.

Can Ruby be worn for Pisces ascendant?

As Sun is 6th house lord and 6th house is bad house in astrology , Ruby had to be avoided for Pisces natives .

Ruby bad effects for Pisces natives

Bad health


BP problems


Problems at work place

Enemies might harm



In which finger, Ruby gem had to be worn?

Ruby can be worn in ring finger or in index finger.

When Ruby gem can be worn?

Ruby gem can be worn on Sunday morning in Shukla paksh(brighter half of hindu calendar).

Purification process of Ruby

Ruby had to be kept in mixture of ganga jal , unboiled milk and honey. If ganga jal is not available , pure water can be used . Ruby had to be kept in mixture on Saturday evening and on Sunday morning , take Ruby and softly wipe it by neat cloth and after energise process of Ruby , native can wear Ruby.

How native can energise Ruby?

After purification process, Native had to keep Lord Sun Deity in front , lit incense sticks and recite Sun beeja mantra “Om Hram Hreem Hroum sah suryaye namah” atleast 108 times ,however in energisation process , we can commit mistakes and thus it would be better to get energised gemstone.

Ruby gemstone metal:

Ruby gem can be worn in Gold metal.

Should Ruby be worn in ring or in locket?

It will be better to wear Sun gemstone in ring as Ruby in ring will have direct and stable contact with skin.

What should be Ruby weight?

Generally, Ruby weight should be in between 5-7 carats.

We do provide Ruby online to our clients, which can only be prescribed after looking birth chart . We provide Ruby gemstone online that are energised with 1,25,000 mantras such that Ruby can give benefit to client. If you want to take Ruby gemstone from us , you can take gemstone recommendation report and if Ruby suits you , you can order Ruby online at

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