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Ruchaka yoga

Ruchaka yoga

Ruchaka yoga forms when Mars is placed in own sign or in exalted sign in Kendra houses. Kendra houses are powerhouses and when Mars is placed in any of those houses, it gives power to that house but as results can be positive or negative in case Mars is exalted in any of the Kendra houses.

In general terms, Ruchaka yoga will be good for following ascendants:-


Ruchaka yoga benefits:-

Ruchaka yoga can give the following kind of benefits and that is:-
One will be energetic
One can go to Medical, Engineering, Army, Police or can become a sportsperson.
One will be passionate.
One might be a team leader in the organization.
One will get name, fame in life

Ruchaka yoga exceptions:

If Mars is posited with functional malefic then positive results can get reduced and thus Mars should not get aspects or place with functional malefic planets such that good results can come in native life.

Mars should not be debilitated (weaker) in concerned divisional charts else Mars will not able to give good effects.

Ruchaka yoga example:

For Cancer ascendant, Mars becomes yoga karaka planet being 5th and 10th house lord and is placed in 10th house, then Ruchaka yoga will form and can give the following kind of effects and that are:-

Good professional life.
Good higher education.
One might be in the field of sports, Medicine, Engineering or in Army line.
One will get support from chid.
One will have domestic happiness
One will gain in speculation provided 2nd house and ascendant lord are in good condition.

In this way, it can be seen that how Ruchaka yoga can give good effects in life but the whole chart had to be studied in order to say anything regarding the results of Ruchaka yoga.

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