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Rudraksha holds very important place in Hindu religion. Rudraksha is a seed which is used in prayers as a bead in Hinduism. Rudraksha and Rudrakhsa beads are very sacred item and bestows positivity on to the native. Rudraksha beads can be used as a garland for mantra recitation. Rudraksha can be worn in neck and it can be placed in our worship room. One who wear rudraksha get the blessings of Lord Shiva. Scientifically as well, it had been proved that it had electromagnetic properties and is good for heart and controlling of BP.

Rudraksh and Gemstones

Gemstones are worn for functional benefic planets and birth chart had to be looked before prescribing gemstones but in case of Rudraksha , it can be worn for functional benefic or functional malefic planets too and there is no side effects after wearing it  , although for each and every planet , there is specific rudraksha which can be worn by the native.

Rudraksh according to Lagna

Ascendant Ascendant lord Rudraksha

Aries Mars 3 mukhi rudraksha

Taurus Venus 6 mukhi rudraksha

Gemini Mercury 4 mukhi rudraksha

Cancer Moon 2 mukhi rudraksha

Leo Sun 1 mukhi rudraksha

Virgo Mercury 4 mukhi rudraksha

Libra Venus 6 mukhi rudraksha

Scorpio Mars 3 mukhi rudraksha

Sagittarius Jupiter 5 mukhi rudraksha

Capricorn Saturn 7 mukhi rudraksha

Aquarius Saturn 7 mukhi rudraksha

Pisces Jupiter 5 mukhi rudraksha

Further for Rahu , 8 mukhi rudraksha and for Ketu, 9 mukhi rudraksha can be worn by the native.

Rudraksha benefits :

They are good for health

They are good for reducing obstructions

They are good to remove fear

They are good in relation to spiritual development

They are good for mantra and for tantra

They help in improving memory and concentration

They give mental peace

They are good to curb negative effects of planets

Rudraksh wearing procedure, how to wear Rudraksha, how to clean rudraksha?

Native had to keep rudraksh in mixture of honey, unboiled milk and in gangajal on Sunday evening. If gangajal is not available, use pure water in place of gangajal.

To wear any face rudraksh, best day is Monday.

On Monday morning, native had to take bath and after bath, fresh and clean clothes had to be worn.

After wards, take rudraksh out, dip it again in pure water and then wipe it gently by neat cloth. After wards, take rudraksha to shiv temple and touch it on shivling and wear rudraksha by recitation of mantra “Om namah shivay”

If shiv temple is not there, you can touch rudraksha on lord shiva feet and then recite mantra “Om namah shivay” and wear rudraksha in your neck.

If native cannot wear rudraksha , it can be put in worship room in silver box after putting kumkum on it . Native can light incense sticks daily and can get positivity in life.

Rudraksh precautions :

While wearing rudraksha , one should refrain to go in hospitals, cremation grounds.

Before going to this places, one should remove rudraksha , keep it in pure water and after coming back from this places, take bath , wear new clothes and then again wear it by recitation of mantra “Om namah shivay”

One should remove it at the time of sleeping and in love making

Do not give your rudraksha to anybody neither replace rudraksha with anyone

Do not wear rudraksha mala with which you are reciting mantras.

While wearing Rudraksh, refrain from liquor and non-veg foods.

Can women wear rudraksha?

Yes, woman can wear rudraksha but they should avoid wearing it in periods. They should remove rudraksha at that stage and afterwards , wear rudraksha again . Till that time , rudraksha should be kept in water and before wearing recite mantra “Om namah shivay”.

Which Rudaraksha to wear?

As far as wearing is concerned, it will depend upon type of concern, native is facing and appropriately, rudraksh can be suggested to client.

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