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Sarala yoga

How Sarala yoga forms?

Sarala yoga is formed when 8th house lord is placed in 6th house, 8th or in 12th house which is called Tic houses in astrology. As we know the 8th house is a Tic house in Vedic astrology but when bad house lord is placed in another bad house, it can give good results to the native.

What are the benefits of Sarala yoga?

If 8th house is placed in 8th house itself, then the following kind of good results can come:

There can be inheritance gains as the 8th house is the house of inheritance gains.
One might inherit family business provided 9th house and D12 chart (chart to look for parents) is stronger.
There can be unexpected gains in life.
One might gain from speculation provided the 5th house is in stronger condition.

Exceptions to Sarala yoga:

The strength of this yoga can get reduced if good house lord is placed with 8th house lord in 8th house.

The manifestation of Sarala yoga

Sarala yoga will get activated when the 8th house lord planet period –sub-period will come with good house planet period-sub period.

Example of Sarala yoga

For Gemini ascendant, 8th house lord Saturn is placed in 8th house itself can give the following kind of results:-

Inheritance gains in the family that will be helpful for strengthening financial life.
Better professional life
Better family life
Speculative gains
Reduction of obstructions in life

Overall, it can be seen that even bad house lords can also give good effects to the native but as a whole full birth chart had to be studied to guess results.

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