Shadbala Prediction

Shadbala Prediction

As the name suggests Shadbala means sixfold strength. Although these strengths are combined used for including the effects of planets on the lives of the natives, there is more use of the strengths and we get a clue of those uses from their names. If they were used to be combined, then such specific names were unnecessary. This is more logical to think that, a planet when strong, might not be so for influencing all affairs in our lives. A planet which might give good status might not be good to show the direction of your life. The special significance was hidden in the names given to the six sources of strengths. These strengths need not be used only predicting the results of the Dasha, however, can be used for normal horoscope interpretation. One can understand their use more and more by understanding their name and their basis of calculations.

 Shadbala consists of the following consists

sthan bala (positional strength)

Dig bala (directional strength)

Kaal bala (Temporal strength)

Chesht bala (Motional strength)

Naisargika bala (Natural strength)

Drik bala (aspectual strength)

These strengths are computed for the seven grahas from sun to Saturn. The nodes are not considered.

Other Considerations

Shadbala Requirements

390,360,300,420,330 and 300 virupas are the shad bal pindas, needed for sun, moon, mars, mercury, Jupiter, venus and saturn etc. To be considered strong. If the strengths exceeds the above mentioned values, the graha is deemed to be very strong. A strong graha shall protect its houses and karakakatva and is more capable of giving its results. The nature of the result shall be influenced by the ownership , placement and the yogas the planet involved in. It is important to know what is the strength of each of the elements of the shadbala, to know the exact nature of the result.

Requirements of the strength of individual elements of shadbala

Jupiter, mercury and sun are strong. If each of the sthan bala, dik bala, kala bala, chesht bala, ayaan bala are respectively 165, 35, 50, 112 and 30 virupas. The same required for moon and venus are 133, 50, 30, 100 and 40. For mars and saturn these are 96, 30, 40, 67 and 20.

Uses of shadbala

The individual elements of the shadbala show different aspects in our life. They are as follows:

Sthan bala- this planet is the giver of position and status. This also shows which positions are most auspicious for us and where shall be the most comfortable.

Dig bala-this shows the direction which show be good for us for growth in the career or self-development.

Kala bala-this show which time is best for us for undertaking an activity.

Chesht bala-this shows what drives us, our inherent desires and purpose of our struggle in this life.

Naisargika bal – this is of lesser consequences as this remains constant all through out. This is to be used in conjunction with other strengths. This indicates which planets are naturally more able to dictate their life.

Drik bala- this shows which planets shall be favourable through out in a life of native as this is based on the aspects of benefics on this planet.


This is still a nascent area and requires more researches to find out the exact use of each of the elements of shadbala , rather than using the total values of the shadbala for analysing the dashas.

 ~Richa Yadav


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