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Significance and Importance of Ganga


Just sprinkle a drop of water from the Ganga river in-house, the whole house becomes pure. Just by taking a bath in Holy river Ganga, Goddess Ganga will remit all your sins.

Who bought Ganga and where?

Ganga is a divine river, brought to the earth by the king named Bhagirath at such places passes through sacred places like Haridwar, Varanasi, Gangotri, and Allahabad. The river Ganga is one of the holiest rivers among all the rivers and graces India. Goddess Ganga blesses the population with food, water and prosperity.

It is also believed that Goddess Ganga has originated from the sweat of Lord Maha Vishnu's feet and then it is stored in Lord Brahma's Kamandal. It is also believed that the Goddess Ganga is the daughter of Paravata, the king of mountains. This also makes Goddess Ganga, the sister of Goddess Parvati, who is married to Mahadev.

Ganga Saptami

Ganga Saptami is also referred to as Ganga Puja, Ganga Dussehra, Ganga Jayanti and Jahnu Saptami. Ganga Saptami is an auspicious day for Hindus that is celebrated in honour of Goddess Ganga. As according to the Hindu rituals, it is believed that Ganga takes rebirth on this day. In ‘Baisakh' (Vaisakha), Ganga Saptami is observed on the seventh day of ‘Shukla Paksha' (the waxing phase of moon). In most of the Hindu Pilgrimage places like Trivedi in Allahabad, Rishikesh etc. Various Pooja’s, prayers and rituals are performed by devotees on this day. This day is celebrated by devotees in full enthusiasm and fervour in Northern states of India.

The significance of Ganga Saptami

The Importance, significance and myths of Ganga Saptami are explained in the religious Holy writ like ‘Brahma Purana', ‘Padma Purana' and ‘Narada Purana' and to name a few. According to the Hindu myths, Goddess Ganga was first subsided on earth on the day of Ganga Dussehra. However, once sage Jahnu drank up Ganga's water, then he once again on Vaisakha Shukla Paksha Saptami released Ganga after only being pleaded by Gods and King Bhagirath. From that day onwards, this day remarked as the rebirth of Goddess Ganga and referred to as the ‘Jahnu Saptami' also.

River Ganga is held very devotional in India. The Ganga Saptami Celebrations are only seen in well- known places where Ganga and its tributaries flow. Ganga Saptami is auspicious for Hindu admirers who worship Goddess Ganga. On this day, devotees also take a dip in the holy water to remove their sins as it is believed that bath in Ganga water may wash all the sins of the person. Those persons who found under the influence of ‘Mangal’ should worship Goddess Ganga on this auspicious day of Ganga Saptami.

According to legend, Ganga had just descended from the hair of Lord Shiva. She also followed Bhagirath with the aim of gratifying the souls of his sixty thousand ancestors, as she would flow over their ashes.

Ganga Saptami festival dates between 2018 and 2025

Year                Date

2018              Sunday, 22nd of April

2019              Saturday, 11th of May

2020              Thursday, 30th of April

2021              Wednesday, 19th of May

2022              Sunday, 8th of May

2023              Thursday, 27th of April

2024              Tuesday, 14th of May

2025              Saturday, 3rd of May

-Anjali Chauhan


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