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Sun and Rahu Conjunction

Sun and Rahu Conjunction

What is Rahu?

Rahu is the Moon's North node and is a head which has no body only head is present, that keeps overwhelming things without being satisfied ever. Into our lives, Rahu brings fear stressful situations that are only due to the adventurous nature of Rahu which loves Surprises. Rahu also loves taboo-breaking and also breaks or crosses all types of boundaries. Events that may not be the real part of our lives that are only illusions rather illusions it becomes reality. It breaks traditions and wants to be unique. One seeks God only after achieving material wealth, and because of this Rahu responsible for spiritual breakthroughs. Rahu has a desire for worldly stratagem and material things. Rahu also wants to seek the highest possible success positions in each zodiac sign and house.

What is the Sun?

Sun represents our father and the father figures. Sun is the symbol of authority, power, status, ego, dignity, father, king, brilliance, Royal status, political career, administration, bureaucracy etc.

How Sun affects the zodiac signs?

If the Sun is exalted in Aries, then it will be able to better handle himself than in the other Zodiac signs. It will better handle it in Leo too, which is its own sign of Leo with Rahu. Hence, we can say that Sun controls the bad situations or circumstances which will create by Rahu. Rahu deceives cheater and sun is the father, so sun lower the chances of Rahu which create disbalance in one's life because a person has a much better relationship with their father.

Sun Rahu Conjunction Relation

The persons who have sun Rahu conjunction in their zodiac signs or horoscope will talk very high and overconfident and give expressions, a drama which shows lack of confidence and fear.

When Rahu acts or pretends like the double sun in the person's horoscope, the person will show fake courage and spectacular.

  • Rahu is self-reflective or selfish, when it comes with a sun in conjunction, the person will self-obsessed and will always give importance to himself or herself. Sun Rahu conjunction also bounded the person to underestimate the self-personality and he/she imposed ego on others.
  • As Rahu signifies the Planet so when sun Rahu conjunction occurs, it will give the person charismatic and confident personality. But, we never underestimate that Rahu never tells the truth, it always tries to cover the inside fear quite nicely and pretends fake confidence, bravery, and extravaganza at peak.

  • Sun Rahu conjunction in Libra make the person demotivated and he/she has lack of confidence. Such type if people always need the motivation to move forward in life.
  • Sun Rahu Conjunction builds the person fake ego and these persons are unrealistic about their demands and have rebellion attitude which sometimes not good.
  • As Sun is the center planet so, with Rahu conjunction, the person will become hungry for the central role in every field or situation and to play a central role, he will be ready to take any kind of risk at any demand.
  • Sun Rahu conjunction will make the person hungry for power, authority and doesn't hesitate to misuse the power for authority and to reach his ultimate goal. 

~Anjali Chauhan


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    What happens when this conjunction is in Tauras in Sagittarius ascendent native chart ?

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    Perfect for me

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