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Sun in 6th House | Sun in Sixth House

Sun Effects in 6th House In Astrology for Various Ascendants

Sun will give benefic results for Gemini , Virgo , Capricorn and for Pisces ascendants .

Reason is clear that bad house lord in bad house give good results , provided efforts are made in right directions.

Sun Placement In 6th House

For Gemini , Sun will be 3rd house ( bad house) lord being posited in 6th house and thus overall , it will bring good results in relation to short travels and it is due to competitor mistakes ,one will excel in his/her life.

For Virgo , 12th house lord Sun placed in 6th house will give good health and one will excel in abroad countries .

Sun Transit In 6th House

For Capricorn , Sun being 8th house lord posited in 6th house will be good for inheritance gains especially from father but at the same time , one needs to take care of his/her father health especially if 9th house is weaker here .

For Pisces , Sun being 6th house lord placed in own sign will be good for competition , better health and for traveling abroad too .

For rest of the ascendants, Sun will disturb its functional significations of which it is house lord in birth chart.

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