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Vastu is a science to make best use of natural energy in positive way by making houses and rooms in right direction such that there is right balance of environment in our life . In Vastu shastra , there are lot of rules that had to be followed for each room in house such that to attain positivity in our life . Without right principles of Vastu , we had to face financial , health and other kind of problems in our life because we are not in tune with our nature , environment and end result will be distress and problems.

Vastu Purusha Mandala Story

Once upon a time, Lord Brahma at the start of making universe was experimenting by making creatures. With that experimentation, he had created man but this man was not ordinary person. He was huge, enormous and powerful and soon man starts to grow. With passage of time, man had become extremely huge and his hunger had increased too .He started to eat everything that had come in way . With the passage of time, man had become so huge that his shadow had casted eclipse on earth.

After seeing such a terrible situation, Lord Vishnu and Shiva approached Lord Brahma and asking to avert trouble. As man had become so huge , lord Brahma had to take help from god of eight directions as well as other Gods too to overcome such huge man. In the process of overpowering man, his head was grounded in north eastern direction and legs in south western direction. While in this whole process, Lord Brahma had jumped into centre and help the man down.

After this whole process , man starts crying and asked Lord Brahma , “why this thing was done to him , when Lord Brahma had itself had created him”.  Lord Brahma had replied that you was destroying each and every thing in universe and there is need to control you and now, you will remain like this forever.

After that , man asked that what will be my benefit in all this . After that Lord Brahma said that I will make you immortal and all persons who will build any kind of structure on this earth will worship you . You will be present on this earth everywhere and will come to known as vastu purusha and in this way , vastu purusha mandala had come into existence , where centre space is captured by Lord Brahma and other sections of Vastu purusha are controlled by different God and Goddesses .

Overall, point here is to lay the building plan as according to Vastu principles , such that Vastu purusha , Gods in each and every direction remain happy and in turn , home surroundings get positive vibes for better happiness in home.

Now, we will discuss vaastu for home by studying various rooms and sections in house.

Vastu For Bedroom | Vastu For Home | Vastu Tips | Vastu For House | Vastu Shastra Tips | Vastu Compass

Bedroom can be in north –western direction for married couples , eastern direction for unmarried children , western direction for students and master bedroom should be in south west direction which give stability to house owner.

According to Vaastu shastra , mirror should not be placed in front of bed room .

Bed room should not be in south-eastern direction else it creates quarrels and health problems between family members

War depicting photographs should not be there in bed room.

One should not sleep while facing head in northern direction and feet in southern direction.

One should not sleep under beam else it will increase mental tensions.

Vaastu Rules For Drawing Room | House Facing As Per Vastu | Vastu Interior

Drawing room can be in north –western direction, north –eastern or in northern direction but there is need to avoid in south western direction.

Drawing room entrance can be from northern, eastern, north western direction but try that it should not be from south –west direction.

There should be light curtains on windows in north or in north –eastern directions.

Space in north eastern part should not be clutter and should be neat and clean.

Do not keep artificial flowers and dried flowers in drawing room as they attract negative energies.

Put AC in south-eastern direction in drawing room.

Windows or doors of drawing room should be in north or east facing.

Vastu Rules For Dining Room | Vastu Tips For Home | Vastu Shastra Tips For Home | Basic Vastu For Home | Vastu For Home Plan | Vaastu For Home | Vastu Compass For Home | Vastu Shastra For Home Entrance

According to Vastu principles , dining room should be in western direction.

Head of the family should face eastern direction while eating.

Rest of the members can face north, eastern or western direction but there is need to avoid eating facing southern direction.

Number of dining chairs should be even to avoid disputes in family.

Vastu For Children Room | Study Room Vastu | Vastu For Study | Vastu Shastra For Study

According to Vastu principles , child room should be in western direction and door should face eastern direction.

Child should sleep with head towards southern or eastern direction.

Photograph of Goddess Saraswati should be there on study table.

Table lamp light should not be too stronger as it will leads to break in concentration.

There should be no beam or book shelf above child studying table.

Almirah or book shelf can be kept in south-west direction.

Table lamb, television should be in south-eastern direction in children room

Study table should be facing eastern, northern or north-eastern direction.

There should be no mirror in front of child bed.

Study room should be clutter free and clean to have better concentration in studies.

Vastu For Kitchen | Vastu Tips For Kitchen | Vastu Shastra For Kitchen | Vastu Kitchen Direction | Kitchen As Per Vastu

Kitchen should be in south-eastern direction.

Kitchen should not be in north-eastern direction.

Cylinders in kitchen should be placed in South-eastern direction.

Gas should be placed in south-eastern direction in kitchen.

Water sinks should be placed in north eastern direction in kitchen

Stove in kitchen should not be visible from outside

Oven should be placed in south-eastern direction

Windows should be in northern or eastern direction in kitchen.

Grains can be stored in southern or western direction in kitchen.

Toilet and kitchen should not share common wall.

Temple should not be above kitchen in case of multi storey buildings

Vastu For Pooja Room | Vastu Puja | Pooja Room Vastu | Vastu Pooja | Vastu Tips For Pooja Room

Pooja room should be located in north, eastern or in north –eastern direction of the house.

Care had to be taken that toilet or kitchen do not share common wall.

Pooja room should not be above or below stairs.

Agnikund should be in south-east direction in pooja room.

Vastu For Stairs | Staircase Opposite To Main Door Vastu | Staircase Vastu

While making stairs, there is need to look that kitchen, bathroom or pooja room should not be built under stairs in case of multi storey buildings.

Try that stairs should not be broken and if they are broken, get them repaired.

Try that stairs are not visible from outside.

Store room can be made under stairs.

Construct doors at starting and exit points.

Try that staircase should not be circular. Further, staircase neither should circle building which will be bad for health.

Vastu For Doors | Vastu Pyramid | Vastu Shastra For House | Vastu Tips For House | Main Door Vastu | Main Door Vastu For Home | Vastu For Doors | Vastu Stairs In Front Of Main Door | North West Facing Main Door Vastu | North East Facing Main Door

Main entrance door should be in northern, eastern or in north-eastern direction.

Images of Ganapati , Mother laxmi , panchmukhi hanuman can be used on doors.

Traditional guard images can be carved on main door entrance.

Pictures of war should not be carved on main door.

Try that main door should not face abandoned or deserted building.

Try to have entrance door and entrance gate on same side.

Try that there is no underground tank under the main entrance door in case of multi-storeyed buildings.

Do not have main entrance doors in corners of home.

Do not have any kind of wall at main entrance.

Main entrance door should be largest door in home.

Try that main door should be open inside.

Do not have self closing doors at main entrance.

Do not have creaked doors.

Vastu For Garage

Location of garage should be in south east direction in your home.

If car is placed in south west direction in garage, car will require lot of maintenance work.

Floor level of the garage should be flowing to northern or eastern direction.

Size of the garage should be such that after parking of car, there should be some walking space too.

Do not park your car in north eastern direction at your home.

At the time of parking, try that car face should be towards northern or eastern direction.

Try not to park your car facing south direction.

Try that garage gate do not have any kind of hindrance.

Vastu For Plants In Balcony Or Tree In Your Garden | Vastu Plants

This plants are good according to Vastu principles :

Tulsi (Holy basil)

Banana tree

Jack fruit

Sandal wood tree


Avoid planting cactus at home.

Further, creepers or climbers should not be grown in compound wall. Creepers are group of plants that need support to get them grow. Creepers can be grown in garden but avoid growing money plant in garden.

Vastu For Water Bodies Or Fountains

Water fountain should be in eastern or in northern direction.

Swimming pools can also be made in north-eastern direction at home.

Vastu for Guestroom

According to Vastu principles, guest room can be made in south-east or in north-western direction in your home but try to avoid it in south-west direction.

Vastu For Bathroom | Bathroom VastuVastu For Bedroom | Master Bedroom |  Vastu | Vastu Tips For Bedroom | Vastu For Office Room | Vastu Shastra For Bedroom | Vastu For Living Room | Room Vastu | Bedroom As Per Vastu

According to Vastu principles, bathroom should be placed in eastern direction

Toilet room should be placed in western direction or in north-western direction.

If bathroom have attached toilets, then it should be placed in western or north western direction in bathroom

Mirror can be placed in western direction while showers and taps can be placed in northern direction.

Geysers should be placed in south-eastern corner.

Windows can be in eastern side.

Dirty linens should be placed on western side of the bathroom.

Slope of bathroom floors should be towards north-eastern direction.

Washing machine should be kept in south-eastern or in north-western direction.

Vastu For Locker Rooms

Locker room should be in northern direction.

Lockers face should be in northern direction or in eastern direction

Lockers should not be in corners

Locker room should be neat and clean

Locker room should be square or rectangular shape but should not be uneven.

Door of locker room should be north or eastern faced.

Locker should not be under beam.

Mirror that reflects locker is good omen and mirror can be put against locker.

Smaller water fountains that provide gentle sound of water flowing can also be placed in locker room in north eastern direction.

Vastu For Overhead Tank

According to Vastu shastra , overhead tanks should be placed in western direction . Further, overhand tanks can also be placed in south-western direction but it should be atleast 2 feet over the uppermost slab.

Overhead tanks can be of blue or black in colour such that they can absorb sun rays.

Vastu For Balcony

According to Vastu shastra , balcony should be placed in northern or eastern direction such that one can get appropriate sun light.

Vastu For Basement

Although according to Vastu shastra , basement in residential complexes are not allowed but still , if basement is made , then it should be proper ventilated through windows .Further , basement should not be used for living purpose but it can be used for junk items or for storing heavy machinery and in that case , basement should be made in southern direction. Further basement direction will depends upon the use of basement and careful analysis of vastu expert will be required before making basement at home.

Vastu For Home Entrance | Vastu Entrance | South East Entrance Vastu | Vastu Tips For Home Entrance | House Entrance Vastu | North East Entrance Vastu | Entrance Of House As Per Vastu

According to Vastu shastra , main entrance gate should be in northern or in eastern side.

Entrance gate should be heavy, bigger and had to be stronger than other doors at home.

Entrance should not be darker and it should be well lit.

Avoid keeping garbage or dustbin at entrance.

Main entrance gate should not make any creaky noise.

Main gate should not face intersecting roads.

Main entrance gate should open inwards.

Main entrance gate should not face temples

Om , swastika signs can be made on main entrance gate.

Main entrance gate should not face lifts of building.

Avoid gates that are self closed.

Vastu For Interiors

As according to Vastu shastra , curtains should be of light colours in eastern or northern direction.

Invertors should be placed in south eastern direction

Fridge should be kept in south eastern direction

AC should also be put in south eastern direction

Vastu For Exteriors

As according to Vastu shastra , garden should be garbage free and try to keep it cleaner.

Do not put any thorny planets except of rose plant.

Vastu For Servant Room

As according to vastu shastra , servant room should be placed in south eastern side or north-western side .

Servant room should not be in north-eastern or south western side .

Vastu For Storeroom

As according to vastu shastra , store room should be ideally placed in north western direction .

Do not sleep in store room as it will create mental tensions.

Keep lord Vishnu photo in eastern part of store room.

Do not keep empty containers in store room.

Store room should have proper lightening too.

Plot Vastu | Vastu For Flat | Vastu Shastra For Flat | Vastu Tips For Flats | Vastu For Flats