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Vijayadashami is also be known as Dussehra or Dasara. Dussehra is celebrated as the day lord ram defeated the demon king ram. It is celebrated on the tenth day of Navratri and shukla paksha of Ashwin month. 

Ram, Sita, and Lakshman are exiled into a forest. One day, Sita sees a golden deer and asks ram to catch it for her. The deer was the demon march who tricks ram and Lakshman into leaving Sita. With ram and Lakshman gone, Ravan in the disguise of a saint asks sita for alms. He abducts her and takes her to Lanka. 

Ram goes in search of sita with an army of vanars (monkeys). Hanuman finds Sita in Lanka at the Ashoka Brindavan. The vanaras, led by ram reach Lanka and a battle ensues. Since ravan couldn't be killed by any ordinary weapon, Ram prays to Durga for guidance. Durga gifts him a weapon with which ram kills Ravana and rescues Sita. Dussehra celebrates the Hindu god ram's victory over the demon king Ravana. 

Rituals to Perform Dusshera Puja

Things required for puja:

Image of Dussehra

Cow dung


Dry fruits

Fresh fruits



Incense sticks

Money for offering


Silver coins



Bahikhata(accounts book)

How to Do:

Ravana is worshipped in the morning and everyone performs the ritual before eating anything in the morning of Dussehra. All the members of the family should take bath early and wear clean cloth to get ready to sit in the puja. 

Draw the Dussehra image with wheat flour (chuna) 

Then, prepare 10 balls of kanda from the cow's dung 

Make two katoris of cow dung with a lid. In one Katori, keep coins and in other keep a little roli,chawal, fruit, flowers, jhuwara 

Do puja with roli, chawaal, water, flowers, molli and jhuwara

Offer jaggery, banana, mooli

Light the dhoop and Deepak, do the parikrama.

Puja is done of the old bahikhata by offering flowers, roli etc.

After the puja, money from the cow dung box is taken out and place in the safe.

Mainly a preacher performs the dusshera puja. After the puja is completed, food and Dakshina (money) are offered to the brahmins.

People perform the puja in order to seek the blessings for happiness, health, wealth and prosperity.

Both man and woman can perform the puja to know the basic rituals and correct procedures related to the puja. 


To perform this puja bestows happiness and prosperity in a family.

To help in business by removing obstacles and also conducted for peace.

This puja fulfills wishes and blesses one with an increase in wealth.

Performing dusshera puja protects one from evil eye and negative energies. 


VIJAY MUHRAT: 15:07 to 15:50

DURATION: 43 mins

APARAHANA PUJA TIME: 13:21 to 15:42

DURATION: 2 hrs to 21 min

DASHMI TITHI BEGINS: 05:58 on 19th oct 2018 

DASHMI TITHI ENDS: 08:27 ON 20th oct 2018 

To celebrate vijayadashmi, Ramlila is staged in every corner of India. On this day, everyone gets immersed in the direction of Lord Rama.

By ~ Srashti Brizawar


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