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Vimala yoga

Vimala yoga

Vimala yoga is formed when 12th house lord is placed in 12th, 6th or in 8th house as the negative planet is placed in the negative house and thus killing its negativity and the end result will be good effects in life.

Benefits of Vimala yoga

If 12th house lord is placed in 12th house then Vimala yoga can give following kind of effects and that is-

Foreign journeys might be there provided ascendant lord is in good shape.
Financial gains in foreign countries.
Good health provided ascendant lord is placed in a good house.
Success in competitive matters.
One will gain from insurance policies.

Exceptions to Vimala yoga:-

If 12th house lord is placed with functional benefic planets that are good house lord planets, then good results can come with bad results too as good houses lord will lose its power.

The manifestation of Vimala yoga:-

Vimala yoga will get activated when the 12th house lord planet period-sub period will come into operation with another good planet period-sub period.

Example of Vimala yoga:-

If for Gemini ascendant, Venus is posited in 12th house in own sign, then following kind of results can come and that is:-

One might travel to foreign countries
One child will get name and fame in a foreign country.
One might gain from speculation provided 2nd house lord and ascendant is stronger.
One health will be good but the ascendant lord had to be stronger.
One will remain ahead of co-workers at the workplace.

It can be seen that how bad house lord can also give good results to the native but whole birth chart had to be studied properly as nothing can be said merely on the basis of single house lord.

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