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Virat Kohli Kundli

Virat Kohli Horoscope | Virat Kohli Kundli

Virat Kohli is the man of genius. He had made numerous records in cricket which is possible only by his commitment, dedication, passion and hard work to the game.  He can play shots in all directions of the cricket ground and his batting fear is so much that players are researching how we can get this man out early to remain in the game.

Even there are so many players before Kohli as well who had given nightmares to bowlers but Kohli thinking ability, eye-hand coordination, judging ball better before playing shots are the key elements that differentiate him from normal player to exceptional player.

Further, His never dying spirit, aggression and passion hold a key edge over his competitors that keep him going ahead from their compatriots. Now coming to astrology part, let’s analyze key events according to his birth chart for success in cricket.

Virat Kohli ascendant is Sagittarius which is a fiery sign which gives him a natural trait of aggression, passion, courage and never dying spirit. Due to his fiery sign, He can raise the bar of the game when the need arises and give tougher time to competitors.  His ascendant lord, Jupiter is posited in 6th house. 6th house is the house of competition and thus He says no and always gives a tough fight to the opponents.

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Further, Mars is the other planet that gives success in competition and is a signification of sports. Mars is 5th house lord being posited in 4th house and is giving aspect to 10th house (house of career). 5th house is the house of Sports and as Mars is giving aspect to 10th house, thus his natural instinct was to make a career in sports and He was fortunate enough to make career in sports because Mars is functional benefic planet for him being placed in Kendra house and He had already passed Mars main period, which had given him chance to break numerous cricketing records too.

Virat Kohli Achievements

He was running Mars-Mars from Mar 2003 and from here onwards, He was selected in Under-17 cricketing team of Delhi.

He was running Mars-Jupiter period from Aug 2004-Aug 2005, where He was selected in List –A cricket games.

He was running Mars-Saturn period from Aug 2005-Sep 2006 where He was selected in U-19 Squad of Delhi as this period-sub period was again favorable to him because Mars is exalted and Saturn is posited in own sign in D10 chart (chart to look for professional life)

He was running Mars-Venus period when He won U-19 world cup for India and Venus is 11th house ( house of gains ) lord being posited in 10th house ( house of career) and Mars is giving aspect to Venus , which had leads to gains of U-19 world cup in that time frame.

He had got numerous awards in Rahu main period. Rahu is posited in 3rd house (house of courage, will power). He had got the following awards and that are:-

ICC ODI Player of the year award in Rahu-Jupiter period in 2012. Jupiter is ascendant lord and is placed in 6th house (house of competition) and by his will power, hard work and commitment, He was able to defy all odds and emerged as champion in this period.

ICC World ODI XI- 2012, 2014 – Again, Rahu-Jupiter period was going

BCCI Polly umrigar award 2011-2012 – In Rahu-Jupiter period

Ceat international cricketer of the year -2011-12, 2013-14, Rahu-Jupiter period

People choice award for favourite sports person -2012, Rahu-Jupiter period

Arjuna award –2013, Rahu-Jupiter period

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In Virat Kohli chart , 5th house ( house of love ) lord , Mars is giving aspect to Venus which is natural karak of love matters and to 7th house( house of marriage ) lord Mercury too which is good combination to have love marriage in his chart .

He was married in Rahu-Saturn period on Dec 2017 and Saturn is giving 7th aspect to 7th house (house of marriage) in his chart which leads to development of marriage in that time period.

As far as marital happiness is concerned, marital happiness and bonding will be quite stronger between two but from 7/May/2022, there will be ample need to have better communication in between two such that un-necessary pressures do not mount between two. Aggression had to be kept at bay for better marital happiness. Collective decisions with lighter bent of mind will increase harmony between them.

Virat Kohli Future Developments

As far as world cup 2019 is concerned, at that time, Virat will be running Rahu-Mercury-Moon and Rahu-Mercury-Mars period. In his chart, Rahu is placed favourably in 3rd house, Mercury which is 10th house lord is placed in 11th house (house of gains), Moon is getting aspect of Mars which is functional benefic planet in chart and thus it can be said that Virat Kohli will perform exceptionally well in World Cup 2019 and will take India to dazzling heights in this tournament.

In world cup T20 2020, Virat will be running Rahu-Ketu-Venus period and Rahu is posited in 3rd house which is quite good house for courage, will power, fighting spirit, Ketu is posited in 9th house (good house) and Venus is posited in 10th house (house of profession) and is getting aspect of Mars and again in T20 2020 world cup, Virat will play exceptionally well and again take India to higher level in this tournament.

Although cricket is a team game and we do not have birth details of all 11 persons who will play and thus prediction that who will win the world cup is not possible logically but as look from birth chart of virat kohli, India will have an upper edge and if Virat kohli take good decisions in the field, chances of winning 2019 world cup cannot be denied. India will perform quite better in the leadership of Virat Kohli.

Virat Kohli Health

Although Virat Kohli health will be quite good but still from 29/Apr/2030, there is need to give proper time to his health especially stomach part, lower part of the body will require special care for better health.

~Anubhav Gupta


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