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What will happen if bjp loses the 2019 election

What will happen if bjp loses the 2019 election?

Crores of rupees will be wasted in a fresh election when bjp loses 2019 election. Other parties will open all the cases against bjp (fake one ) and will close all the cases against Congress and their boot kickers. Government will start raising loans from the world bank.but the chances is bjp is not losing 2019. They are very strong going into 2019 and the opposition party is too weak as campare to bjp. Under narendra modi , our defence strategy is in tatters , our MMRCA deal has gone bonkers and the numbers on economic front are some of the worst in recent times. Bjp fans , they can read the numbers from government websites as well as I can.

Problem solved in 4 years during duration by Narendra Modi 

Our railway connectivity is kiul gaya railway line which was constructed before 1947.

Not a single work after 1947 on the same railway line.

No road construction by the central government after 1947 in my area.

Only 10% of people using LPG connection.

Less than 20% of people using toilets.

Electricity not more than 10 hrs.

Faces corruption on every level.

Pay huge taxes on a restaurant.

All the above problems solved in 4 years duration.

What Modi didn’t solve in 4 years.

Appointment of the Lok pal to finish corruption up to the ground level.

Bringing black money from Swiss banks and sending the corrupted ones behind the bars.

House for every person in an india with a population of 132 crores.

GST to be properly implemented in less than a year and economy running smoothly.

15 lakh in every person’s account.

Job to every jobless person.

Closing the project of a bullet train and using the amount in Indian railways, you actually mean that we should stop internet services wide India and use that money to increase more and more post offices so that we can write letters to our relatives and family instead of emails.

So I wish Narendra Modi solved these problems

~Richa Yadav


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