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Who Can Wear Hessonite Gemstone

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“Can I wear Hessonite” is the question that comes to mind, when we think of Hessonite.

Rahu is a natural malefic planet and hence care had to be taken while wearing Hessonite. Rahu can give good results in the following conditions and that is:-

Rahu is friendlier to an ascendant lord.

Rahu is placed in a good house and it would be better if no planet is placed with Rahu.

Rahu depositor (sign lord) is placed in a good house.

Rahu is getting a functional benefic planet aspect.

Overall, as far as for question that “Can I wear Hessonite is concerned“, it will depend upon Rahu condition in the chart but this is the ascendant for which Rahu stone should be avoided and that is:-

Leo ascendant

Cancer ascendant

Aries Ascendant

Scorpio ascendant

Sagittarius ascendant

Pisces ascendant

Overall, for other ascendant too, the condition of Rahu had to be looked before prescribing hessonite but if above conditions are met, then Rahu stone can be wear in Rahu Dasha only for another ascendant.

These predictions are quite general in nature as far as the question “Can I wear Hessonite” is concerned and for personalized predictions, there will need to take gemstone recommendation report in which answers to your questions along with suitable gemstones will be provided.

You can order gemstone recommendation report in which you can ask your queries and suitable gemstones will also be provided in that report.

-By Brij Pandey


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