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Blue Sapphire Gemstone in Astrology

Blue Sapphire

What is Blue Sapphire?         

Sapphire meaning

Sapphire is a beautiful gemstone that comes in a variety of colors. However, if a sapphire is a red or dark pink, it is a ruby. Depending on the other elements within the sapphire, the color will change. Blue sapphires have a range of hues as their primary hue. The most common ones are violet, purple and green. Green is not classed as a good hue because it doesn’t make the sapphire as vivid. A blue sapphire, hence, needs to have at least 15% of purple of violet in order to be classed as fine quality. The biggest blue sapphire is the Logan Sapphire. It is 423 carat (equating to 85 grams) and can be seen in Washington’s National Museum of Natural History. The blue sapphire value depends on the amount of carats and the hue of the stone.

Why Buy Loose Blue Sapphire?

One of the main advantages of buying a loose blue sapphire is that you can then place it in whatever setting you want. You may, for example, already have a necklace that has lost its gemstone, or perhaps you want a specific kind of ring that is not made with blue sapphire. If you do buy blue sapphire as a loose gemstone, you can place it in whichever jewelry and setting you like.

A second benefit of buying loose blue sapphire is that you will be able to check its quality all over. Often, if a gemstone is set in a pendant or ring, there will be certain areas where you will be unable to see if it has any impurities or imperfections.

Blue Sapphire Myths and Legends

Blue sapphire is said to have mystical powers, leading towards spiritual enlightenment and helping towards finding inner peace. Furthermore, it is attributed to have terrific healing powers, including for colic, rheumatisms and even mental illness. It is classed as an antidepressant and is very important in paranormal circles, where it is said to help in astral projection, telepathy, psychokinetic powers and clairvoyance.

Blue Sapphire Sources

The main sources for blue sapphire are Burma (Myanmar), Sri Lanka (Ceylon), Madagascar, Australia, Tanzania, and Thailand. The most beautiful sapphires were found in Kashmir, but it seems this source has been fully exhausted, as no new sapphires have been found here for over a century.

Burma, for example, is actually more famous for its mining of rubies (as discussed earlier, they are from the same family of gemstones). Their blue sapphires are mainly mined in the Mogok area. There has been quite some controversy as these sapphires were previously not classed as being of high quality. In the late 1800s and early 1900s, these sapphires were classed as much too dark. However, now that more information is known about what a high-quality sapphire consists of, it is actually agreed that Burmese sapphires are of the highest quality in the world. There is even one mine that is now famous the world over for star blue sapphires, which is one of the most beautiful sapphires available and has one of the highest blue sapphire prices. Their saturation allows for far more color to be present in the stone.

Blue Sapphire Ring

A blue sapphire ring can look great on anyone’s fingers. These rings are specially designed to give off a touch of class, sophistication, and beauty, that can make anyone feel like royalty. This article is written to give you some information into these rings, and how you can find the best one that is suited for you. Here are some things to get you started.

Blue sapphire rings are distinct when it comes to buying one. They have a remarkable blue coloring that will catch almost anyone’s eyes. It has been said in astrology terms that a blue sapphire ring can help deter certain types of evil, but for this, to work it must be placed on the middle finger, on certain days of the week.

When buying one of these rings it is important to first check the size of the ring to what finger you will be putting it on. Ring and finger size is important for the fact of not losing it when out and about. A wrongly fitted ring will cause discomfort on your finger if too tight or will result in you losing it if too loose. So always measure the ring size before you buy one.

Another thing to take into consideration is the cost of these rings. The price of this particular make of ring really depends on certain facts which may include how many sapphires are within it, whether diamonds have been added to the design, the style, design, and seller of the rings, plus more. It is always worth browsing around different jewelers to get an idea of the pricing and different styles and designs of rings that have been made with sapphire.

When choosing one that is right for you, you may need to look into what type of work and other activities you may do throughout the week. The reason for this is because if you do hard labor type work like farming, where you want to wear your ring all the time, then a design that is flat may be the better option. A ring that has the stone sticking up from the finger may result in it being broken or snapped off by unforeseen circumstances. So match the ring type to the activities that you may do, so you can minimize damage to it.

If you are looking for places that sell these types of rings, then the first place you could look is your local jewelers. Your local jewelers may or may not hold them, but if you want a wider range of rings to choose from then looking for online sellers may be the better way to go.

So if you are looking to buy a blue sapphire ring, remember to take everything into account before buying so you do not overspend or buy something that may be broken easily.

Best Piece of Jewelry for Special Events: Blue Sapphire Necklace

While a diamond may be the most preferred stone for any jewelry, the September born lady may also have a fondness for blue sapphire, her birthstone, and a lucky gem. The sapphire is best for any piece of jewelry and a blue sapphire necklace will surely be a fabulous way to accessorize your attire.

To attest to the value and goodness of blue sapphire stones, let us turn to the love affair of a British royal couple. Charles, the Prince of Wales presented an array of rings to Princess Diana, his first wife, on their engagement. The beautiful princess picked a stunning blue sapphire ring. Being born in July, you would not say that the late princess chose it because it is her birthstone. Probably, she thinks of the sapphire as a lucky charm in marriage, a symbol of love and fidelity.

Sapphire is not always blue in color; you can have pink, green or white. And next to diamonds, this stone is the second hardest of gemstones. Knowing how to identify a genuine stone for your blue sapphire necklace can be crucial. You then have to research the characteristics of sapphire gems.

Blue sapphire necklace and other kinds of necklaces

Even a hundred years ago, necklaces are already important adornment of women. The blue sapphire necklace, from then on to this modern era is enchanting jewelry that makes eyes turn on you. Several kinds of necklaces have flooded the market and they come in different designs, stones, and craftsmanship. There are fashion necklaces but the appeal of the blue sapphire necklace cannot be surpassed.

Necklaces and other pieces of jewelry became a great business. You have designer necklaces that are customized to match the current vogue or fashion. A working woman wears a simple necklace with a pendant to match her dress. Some ladies experiment with necklace fashion accessories made with faux stones. But once in a party, your blue sapphire necklace with natural and vibrant stones will be the center of envy.

Why opt for blue sapphire heart necklace

The blue sapphire heart necklace when gifted demonstrates the affection of the giver. When people see the heart-shaped pendant, there seems to be a sense of fondness existing between the giver and the receiver. The heart is a popular design in jewelry. Not only is it easy to design but because it is construed as an expression of affection. The sapphire heart necklace is not only for the woman you love. It befits to be a gift for your mother who had shown you, unconditional love. Or you can present it to a marrying daughter as a part of the bridal set you have decided to give her on her most special day.

Sapphire bridal set is perfect for the bride

There is a reason for giving a sapphire bridal set; the gemstone is believed to offer lots of benefits to the receiver. Since you want only the best for your daughter on her wedding day, this bridal set is the most beneficial congratulatory wish.

  • Sapphire is believed to bring fidelity and love between the couple.
  • The stone gives peace of mind, happiness, and tranquility on the wearer.
  • It purifies the blood and strengthens the heart.
  • It is a symbol of long life; it can de-stress and cure some illnesses.
  • Sapphire stone is linked to the planet Saturn and as Saturn rules the nervous system, the blue sapphire frees the wearer from mental anxiety.

Jewelry is one of the most perfect gifts. Always include in the set of jewelry a blue sapphire necklace. Its value continues to appreciate over time and its beauty never diminishes. Proper care of the necklace will make it a family heirloom that can be passed on from one daughter to a

Choice of Pendants and Chains on the Blue Sapphire Necklace

You can simply show your dazzling glamour with a piece of jewelry like a handcrafted blue sapphire necklace. This accessory, especially if contains authentic stone makes you extraordinarily special.

Sapphires constitute a kind of gift with vivid sparkle. It is one of the four most precious stones. The other three are diamond, ruby, and emerald. The value, quality and exquisite beauty of sapphire make a blue sapphire jewelry a special gift for someone you love. She does not need to be your wife or girlfriend. It is a gift that will be well-appreciated by grandma, mama, daughter or granddaughter.

Making the blue sapphire necklace a worthy gift will be a matter on how you choose the chain, pendant, and design. You can have a collar necklace with blue sapphires surrounding your entire neck or you can opt for a simple chain with an exquisite blue sapphire pendant hanging in it.

Factors to consider in buying a blue sapphire necklace

To buy the right necklace, you have to decide on several factors. The most foremost consideration is the length of the blue sapphire necklace; there are three most common lengths; these are the choker, princess, and opera. For the choker length, the necklace should settle above your collarbone. This length of the blue sapphire necklace is meant to emphasize your neck. The princess length necklace is the most common where the necklace merely hangs over your collarbones. The opera style will have a length that reaches your clothes’ top or blouse.

Blue sapphire necklace

The material for the chain or the setting of the stones is a choice from gold, silver or platinum. A further option for the gold is yellow or white gold. For the pendant, there are many considerations. First, are you going for the more inexpensive natural sapphire or the lab-created type that is cheaper? Further going down for cheapest is the synthetic or glass sapphire stone.

4 Cs of sapphire pendants

Opting for the authentic sapphire gem in your blue sapphire necklace, you could consider the 4 Cs for stone value and quality determination. The Cs in the sapphire pendants stands for color, cut, clarity and carat.

  • Color – This is about the sapphire’s tone and saturation. Tone describes the lightness or darkness of the color of the stone. It can be very light to very dark. The best color is the medium tone. Choosing a stone on the very light side, it will look too watered. The saturation will give you an idea on the vibrancy of the blue color.
  • Clarity – Gemologists assert that there is no sapphire that is perfect; the presence of rutile needles is evident. Without the “silk” the stone may be a fake or could have been treated. Many of these blue stones are heat-treated when sold in order to improve clarity and color.
  • Cut – Unlike diamonds, sapphires do not have a standard cut. If you find a well-cut sapphire, it will look symmetrical and proper light in all angles will be reflected for the best brilliance. A gem cutter will normally cut the stone in angles to show off better brilliance, color, and clarity. The most common cut produces the oval, round, cushion and emerald shapes. For a non-faceted and polished look, the cut is the cabochon.
  • Carat – This is the expressed weight of gemstones. Blue sapphires differ in density for a weight or carat difference. The accurate way to measure the sapphire weight is to measure the stone’s millimeter diameter. Rule of thumb states that a carat is a 6-millimeter diameter.

How the blue sapphire pendant should be crafted

Having determined the quality of the stones in a blue sapphire pendant, how the pendant is crafted is the next consideration. First, the stone does not stand as it is. It has to have some casing or setting; they are set in metals. Your choice will be from gold, silver, platinum or sterling silver. The case is varied and it determines the final appearance, shape, and size of your blue sapphire pendant.

Blue sapphire pendant is usually made with unique design and characteristic in order to capture people’s attention to its charm. It does not need to be gaudy and elaborate. It just has to be simple or elegant. Last consideration may be the price. How much is your budget for your blue sapphire necklace?

Blue Sapphire Necklace Goes Well for Fabulous Wedding Attire

Sapphires are natural or lab-created gemstones that are made of corundum (aluminum oxide). It is the heat of Earth that makes the stone; this is the natural type. For the lab-created kind, the stone is made in a carefully controlled environment using a heat that is similar to the hotness from the ground. The sapphire finds great use in the blue sapphire necklace.

Blue sapphire necklace

The origin of the word sapphire-

The term sapphire comes from a German word meaning “blue”. In Latin this is known as “saphirus” and in Greek, it is “sapheiros”. There is also a belief that the name sapphire is given because of its relation to the planet Saturn and the word means “dear to planet Saturn”. Sapphires come in different colors but the blueness of the gemstone is a product of the mixture of aluminum, oxygen, and cobalt.

The value of the blue sapphire necklace comes from the quality of the stone.

A blue sapphire necklace is made through the use of gold or silver for the casing and chain plus a blue sapphire stone. There is a specific process to craft it. Its making would require a crafting level equal to 22; also needs yields 55 experience.

When shopping for a sapphire necklace, the value and quality of the sapphire are very paramount, perhaps more than the metal used with it. The stone is more valuable if the blueness is more vivid and bright. You will also look into the cut and the clarity of the stone. Its weight is in carat and the more the carat weight is, the more expensive blue sapphire becomes. You actually check for the 4Cs of blue sapphire in much the same that you check on the 4Cs of diamonds. These are color, clarity, cut, and carat.

Perfect accent for the wedding – sapphire bridal set

Getting married in September or the bride being born in September, the blue sapphire bridal set is the best jewelry accessory. There is a belief that a sapphire wedding ring brings luck to the union. To complete the bridal set, you will have a pair of earrings with sapphire stones and a blue sapphire necklace. Then the wedding myth of “something blue” is what this set could stand for.

Every bride will be too elated to wear this jewelry set. The earrings, ring, necklace, and bracelet can be set in any preferred metal like yellow gold, white gold, silver or platinum. Sapphire stone is very durable and you have a lot of shapes and sizes to choose from for your sapphire bridal set of jewelry. These can be designed in any manner, vintage or contemporary, that can be passed on to generations as a family heirloom.

The kind of blue sapphire pendant

Of the bridal set, the blue sapphire necklace can usually be the center of attraction in your bridal attire. Wedding dresses are fashioned with a style that exposes the shoulder and neck. You can have a simple chain around your neck then hang on it an exquisite blue sapphire pendant. With the heart as the classic symbol of eternal love and with the wedding as the culmination of the couple’s love, a heart shape blue sapphire pendant is the most fantastic and fascinating accessory on the bride’s exposed neck and shoulder.

So are you getting married in September? Or is your bride September born? There is no other best wedding gift for her than a bridal jewelry set that includes a blue sapphire necklace with a heart-shaped pendant hanging on it. A bride wears something new, something old, something borrowed and something blue on her wedding day. The blue sapphire stones represent something blue thing.

Blue Sapphire Necklace: Quality of the Embedded Gemstones

Gemstones are precious possessions. Considered one of the best is the sapphire. Crafted into a beautiful blue sapphire necklace, the jewelry is a treasure worthy to become an heirloom passed on from one generation to the next. It is because the beauty of a gemstone is undiminished with the passing of time, sparkling brightly over the years.

Blue sapphire necklace

Gemstones are perfect individual adornments and any jewelry made from them turns to be a great personal gift to someone you love. The stunning bluestone fashioned into a blue sapphire necklace is one adorable present for a September-born maiden, be it for her birthday or any other occasion. It is because sapphire is her birthstone. For couples celebrating anniversaries, the husband can present her wife a blue sapphire necklace on their 5th and 45th wedding anniversaries. You do not have to be a September-born or a 5th and 45th wedding anniversary celebrant. Finding the gemstone fascinating, you can start buying blue sapphires in any form of jewelry and build a collection of the precious gemstone.

Blue sapphire necklace – are the stones natural or lab-created?

Although the most popular color for sapphire stone is blue, it comes also in other colors like white, pink or green. The shade for a blue sapphire necklace can vary from medium to deep blue depending on how strong the saturation is.

The blue sapphire stone is classified as natural or lab-created and has similarities and differences to one another. Both have the same molecular setting and have the same component materials. They boast of the same physical properties, hardness, and appearance. The difference is on the origin. Natural type is created by earth, mined to make it expensive because of rarity. The lab-created is synthetic in nature, created by man under the required heated environment for its creation.

Heart pendant for blue sapphire heart necklace

The shapes of the pendants for necklaces vary but women usually opt for blue sapphire heart necklace pendant. The heart shape is affiliated to romance and love. When you hang it on your neck while donning a little black dress with a low neckline, people may turn heads towards you. That will be a good way to flirt and allow attention to be directed to you.

The blue sapphire stone is in the shape of a heart and adding small pieces of white sapphires around will further add value and beauty to the blue-stoned heart necklace. This is best worn with an evening or formal attire. However, a plain and simple heart-shaped pendant minus the white sapphires can be appropriate jewelry for everyday wear. Sapphire pendants can be paired with different kinds of necklaces. The variation is on the assortment of the chains you select to produce different effects.

The authenticity of the sapphire pendants

The blue sapphire gems can be authentic or faux. There is a guide to detecting the jewelry’s authenticity. First, when buying it ensure that you are purchasing the necklace from a reputable jeweler. It can still be authentic even if it is not of natural origin, meaning it is lab-created. The tip is to ask for a certificate of authenticity.

Check for the stone’s scratches. Sapphire is a very hard stone and when you find scratches or bubbles it indicates that it is not authentic, maybe just made of glass. If you already have one blue sapphire necklace, bring it to a gemologist for testing.

Please note that these are general predictions for Blue Sapphire and do not wear it in any form without consulting astrologer. You can take the gemstone recommendation report from us before wearing a gemstone.

-Brij Pandey


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