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Cancer Horoscope

Birth Dates Range:   Jun 21 - Jul 21
Zodiac Sign Grouping:   Water
Characteristic Feature:   Movable
Lucky Colors:   Colors White, smoky gray, green, russet, iridescence, violet
Lucky Days:   Monday
Lucky Numbers:   02
Ruler of the zodiac sign:   Moon
Strengths:   Stubborn, highly creative, faithful, sensitive, compassionate, demanding
Weaknesses:   Grumpy, pessimistic, distrustful, devious, feeling insecure
Likes:   Creative art, domestic hobbies, love to rest near water bodies, empathetic, friendly, close friends and domestic life
Dislikes:   new people, criticizing mother, breach of privacy

Cancer Horoscope

Here we will be using Cancer horoscope instead of Ascendant as this are the generalized predictions and can vary from individual to individual which is further based on personal accurate birth details to get exact predictions.

Functional Benefic Planet For Cancer Horoscope

For Cancer astrology, these are functional benefic planets which give results as according to there placements, aspects and conjunction and they are:-

Mars which itself is 5th and 10th house lord is a yogakaraka planet for Cancer sign as it is the owner of quadrant and trine house and hence becomes yogakaraka planet and one point of consideration here is Manglik dosa do not apply for cancer ascendant . Mars is 1st rate functional benefic planet for Cancer Zodiac sign.

Moon is another functional benefic planet being ascendant lord and ascendant as we know is Trine as well as quadrant house and hence Moon is functional benefic planet as well.

Jupiter is neutral planet as one sign of Jupiter falls in 6th and other sign falls in 9th house . As 6th is bad house and 9th house is good , Jupiter is neither Good and neither bad and its results will primarily depends upon its association , placement, aspects and conjunction. If it is associated with functional benefic planets like Mars in good houses, it will enhance its natural and functional significations and on the other hand, its association with functional malefic planets will show the negative side of Jupiter in the chart.

Sun being 2nd house lord for Cancer is again neutral planet as the 2nd house is neutral house and again its results will depend upon its association, placement, and conjunction with functional benefic or malefic planets. With functional benefic planets in a good house will give good results and vice versa.

Functional Malefic Planet For Cancer Horoscope

Mercury will be treated as 1st rate functional Malefic planet as it is 3rd house lord and simultaneously owns 12th house as well and both this houses are bad houses and will give bad results to its own and houses where it is placed . However , placement of Mercury with strong functional benefic planets in chart will reduce malefic effects of Mercury where as its association with functional malefic planets will increase its bad results .

Venus will be another functional malefic planet for cancer due to the fact that it owns 4th and 11th house and 11th house is Tridasya house and it is bad house and thus Venus will also comes under functional malefic planet category .

Saturn will be functional malefic planet due to the fact that its Mool trikona sign falls in 8th house ( bad house ).

Rahu and Ketu are always malefic for each and every horoscope and tends to give results as according to there depositor planet ( sign lord of Rahu and Ketu respectively ) and results of the associating planet in the chart .

Cancer Horoscope For Education : 

2nd and 4th houses are prime houses for initial education. If 2nd house lord Sun and 4th house lord , Venus is associated in good houses but with aspect of functional benefic planet, then primary or initial education will be quite good for Cancer ascendant natives.

However , if 2nd house lord or 4th house lord are associated with Mercury or Saturn  in bad houses then initial education of Cancer man/woman will suffer .

5th house signifies “Higher Education “. If Mars which happens to be 5th house lord is associated with Jupiter  in any of the good houses then higher education of Cancer will be quite good but if Mars is combusted or placed in bad houses , then Cancer man/woman might lose interest in education or might not able to perform well , inspite of there best efforts and thus it would be vital to check placement of the planet in various houses.

For Cancer zodiac sign, Army , Nursing  , Singing , PR Management , Import-Export work , Navy, Accounts , HR management will be the key areas for them as far as education related sectors are concerned . 

Cancer Horoscope For Finance (Money):

2nd house is the house that signifies “Investments & Money “ . 11th house is the house that signifies “Financial Gains “ . In case for Cancer sign , 2nd house lord Sun , if associated with Jupiter in any of the good houses , then financial position will be quite good for Cancer natives . They will benefit from Investments in Real estate too , provided , Mars is placed in good houses and is stronger in chart.

If 11th house lord , Venus is associated with stronger Mars or Jupiter in Trine house , then there will be financial gains to the native .

If Venus is placed with Mercury in bad houses , then financial condition of the native will suffer in Venus main period or in main period of other functional malefic planet and with sub period of Venus . In that case , native had to remain careful on account of money matters and had to take decision carefully for money matters .

Here it can also be noted that how natural benefic Venus change nature as according to the planets placed with him and can give bad results too and this thing differentiate between functional or natural significations of the planet which varies from ascendant to ascendant which will again depend upon birth details for the individual.

Cancer Horoscope For Property: 

4th house is the house that signifies gains in relation to immovable assets . If 4th house lord , Venus is placed in own sign in 4th house itself then Malavya yoga will form , which will benefit native in the form of immovable assets gain . Further , here as Venus is giving aspect to 10th house by 7th aspect , it will also give growth to career matters especially in Venus main period with Jupiter or Mars sub period provided , Jupiter and Mars are stronger too being placed in good houses .

On the other hand , if Venus is placed in 8th house or combusted then family happiness might gets obstructed and further there might be property losses too for cancer ascendant natives.

Although in this case , if Mars is stronger in chart , then even with placement of Venus , one can gain property or real estate gains in Mars main or sub periods with functional benefic planet period-sub periods provided , that functional benefic planet is strong as well.

In this way . all points had to be carefully monitored as things in astrology are not easy as they seems to be.

Cancer Horoscope In Relation To Brother And Sisters 

3rd house signifies relation with brother and sisters. Here Mercury is 3rd house lord and Mercury is signifcator of “Sisters “ and is 1st rate functional malefic planet for cancer natives .

If Mercury is placed with any other functional malefic planet in bad house , in that case , relations with brother or sisters will go downwards.

On the other hand , if Mercury is placed with functional benefic planet like Mars in good houses along with benefic aspect of Jupiter , then relations with brother and sisters will be quite good and one will get help from his/her brother and sisters and vice versa.

Cancer Horoscope For Children

 5th house is the house that signifies children area for cancer. Here Mars will be 5th house lord and if Mars is placed in trine houses without any malefic aspects , then it will be helpful in progeny matters . One will gain from investment in Shares too provided Jupiter is stronger .One will get happiness from there children . One will give better education to his/her children too . His/Her love life will also be good as 5th house is the house that signifies “Love life “ too and strong Jupiter here will be like adding cherries to the cake . If Venus is placed in 7th house and Jupiter is also placed in good house giving aspect to Saturn , then  chances of love marriage cannot be denied as well.

If on the other hand , if Mars is afflicted or placed with Saturn in bad house , then chances of progeny will be on lower side,  if 5th house is not getting any benefic aspect . One might had to take medical consultation for progeny . One might not get happiness from child easily and might remain in stress in relation to his /her child.

Cancer  Horoscope For Health

6th house is the house that signifies “Health” . Here Jupiter is 6th house lord which is natural benefic planet in Vedic astrology but its results will depend upon its association , placement or conjunction with functional benefic or malefic planets .If Jupiter is badly placed and with conjuncting Saturn , then one will suffer on account of bad health and most of the money will be exhausted in maintaining health.

If , on the other hand , if Jupiter is placed with Mars , Moon or Sun in good houses , then one will have good health and will enjoy good immunity as Mars is natural karak of immunity matters too .

Cancer Horoscope For Marriage , Cancer Love Horoscope

7th house is the house that signifies “Marital life “. If 7th house lord , Saturn is placed in own sign in 7th house , shasha yoga will be formed but in this case , Saturn will not give good results till the time , benefic Jupiter or Mars is not giving aspect to Saturn . In this case without any benefic aspect , obstructions and delays in marriage can come to cancer natives .

If Saturn is placed along with Mercury in bad houses and Jupiter and Mars are weaker in chart , then one might not able to get married in his/her life or any how , if he/she get married , then one might had to face problems and pressures in one marital life .

In such  scenario , there is need for adjustment in marital life and in worst case , it can take cancer natives to divorce as well and that is why  chart matching is the most important thing that is required before marriage .

Cancer Horoscope For Inheritance

8th house is the house that signifies “Inheritance matters “. Here Saturn is 8th house lord but its Mooltrikona sign lies in 8th  house which happens to be bad house and thus Saturn will be treated as functional maelfic planet . If Saturn is forming association with Mercury or Venus, then cancer natives might face financial pressures , marital pressures and chances of accidents cannot be ruled out . One have to take care of his/her health too and inheritance might not come in one life . Even if , inheritance comes , it might involve litigation as well.

If on the other hand , Saturn is associated with Mars in good houses , then one can gain from inheritance matters in the form of property but here stronger Moon or Jupiter should also give there aspect to Saturn and Mars as both this planets are enemies to each other in astrology.

Cancer Horoscope For Litigation

6th house is the house that signifies “Litigation Matters “.Here Jupiter is 6th house lord and Jupiter association with Rahu , Ketu or Saturn in bad houses will trigger bad side of Jupiter and then chances of litigation can come in native life too. This stress in relation to litigation might be bad for native health as 6th house is the house that signifies “Health matters” as well .

If on the other hand , Jupiter  is placed with stronger Moon and Mars in good houses without any malefic aspects on this planets or to 6th house then one will be free from litigation and will be good for health as well .

Cancer Horoscope For Career , Cancer Career Horoscope

10th house is the house that signifies “Professional life “. Here, if 10th house lord Mars is posited in own sign or in trine house and associated with Moon , Sun or with Jupiter then one career will be quite good .

If Mars is associated with Jupiter, then one can get chances of traveling as well in connection to profession as Jupiter is 9th house lord too and 9th house itself signifies “Traveling”.

If Mars is associated with Saturn , then slowness will come in professional life and one will get rewards only after struggles and hard work for cancer sign persons.

If on the other hand , Mars is placed in bad house , then native professional life will be full of pressures and easy success might not be there .Luck might not able to give due support and financial pressures can come as our profession is main source of livelihood .

Cancer Horoscope For Travels 

12th house signifies “Abroad Travels “. If Mercury is posited along with Sun in 5th house and is not combusted or placed with Jupiter then chances of traveling abroad can come .

If Rahu is placed with Jupiter in 5th house and Mars is stronger , then also , one can get chances of traveling abroad in connection to profession or in connection to education as Rahu is natural karak of “foreign journeys “ and 5th house signifies “Higher Education “ and Rahu depositor , Mars is yogakaraka and stronger Mars will give strength to Rahu in positive way here for abroad travels .

On the other hand , Mercury association with Saturn in bad houses will trim chances of going abroad . Obstructions in relation to Visa problems or any other problems can come which will act as an hindrance in going abroad for the cancer native due to the fact that Saturn is functional malefic being 8th house ( house of obstructions lord ) and with Mercury will diminish chances for foreign travel.

Colors That Are Suited For Cancer Zodiac Sign

Red , White , Yellow, orange

Numbers That Are Good For Cancer Zodiac Sign

1, 2, 3, 9 , 10 , 11, 12 , 18 , 20

Favourable Week Days For Cancer Zodiac Sign

Sunday , Monday , Tuesday and Thursday

Cancer Zodiac Sign Remedies

Though remedies can be prescribed only after looking birth chart this is the general remedies that can strengthen cancer chart and they are :-

Reciting mantra “Om Namah Shivay” daily

Reciting or listening “Hanuman Chalisa” on Tuesday and Saturday.

Watering Banana plant every Thursday.

-By Brij Pandey