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Bhadra yoga

Bhadra yoga

Bhadra yoga forms when Mercury is placed in own house or in the exalted form in Kendra houses. 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th house are Kendra houses in astrology. Bhadra yoga can exceptionally give good results to following ascendants and that is:-


However in Sagittarius and Pisces, Mercury will suffer from Kendradhipati dosha but if Mercury is getting an aspect of Jupiter, then this dosha will get neutralize and results will be good.

Bhadra yoga will be applicable only for the above ascendants as Mercury can be posited in its own sign in Kendra houses only for the above ascendants.

Bhadra yoga benefits:-

One will be intelligent.
One will be educated.
One will able to make good decisions in tougher times.
One will be witty.
One might be in accounts, banking, teaching, journalism or might be a lawyer
One speech and communication levels will be quite good.

Bhadra yoga exceptions:

If Mercury is getting aspects of functional malefic planets, then Bhadra yoga will become weaker and will not able to give good results on the proper note.

If Mercury is weaker in the concerned divisional chart, then results in relation to that area will not come. For example- Mercury is exalted in the birth chart but debilitated (weaker) in the D10 chart (chart to look for professional life), then Mercury will not able to give good results in professional life.

Bhadra yoga example:

If for Gemini ascendant, Mercury is placed in own sign in 4th house, then the following kind of results can come:

Domestic happiness
Property gains
Better initial education
Mother support
Better professional life
Name and Fame
Good health

In this way, it can be seen that how Bhadra yoga can give good results but the whole birth chart had to be studied in order to say anything about Bhadra yoga in astrology.

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